Fundeo Snail Racing
Snail Race Night DVD Kit
Perfect For Charity Fundraising

  • Hilarious Fast Action Animated Races >> see DEMO
  • Virtual Compere To Run Your Event
  • Personalised Races & Betting Tickets
  • Film Versions For Every Age Group
  • Easy To Personalise As You Order

Charity Fundraising

An animated cartoon snail racing night is the best way to raise money for a charity and have fun at the same time.

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Party Entertainment

Perfect fun game for birthdays, social gatherings, hen and stag parties, why not name your own cartoon snails and races?

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Corporate Race Nights

Corporate snail racing events come with dinner and are a great way to entertain clients or treat staff.

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Promotion Events

Why not impress your audience with animations of your logo or trading name inserted into your snail racing DVD?

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Great For Any Event

Our animated cartoon race night kits are used for fundraising by schools, PTA's, clubs, charities, churches, social clubs and sports clubs.  They are also used for party entertainment at stag and hen nights, birthdays, Christmas, social and corporate events.  In fact they can be used for any get-together and will suit any size of audience from 5 -10 people up to several hundred or more.

Our Virtual Race Night Kit is the easiest of Fundraising Ideas!

Our virtual race night  kit comes as a continuous, streamed film show with all the races and intervals for buying betting tickets built in, so there is no need to pause before each race.  Just click the buton and stream your race night direct.  The kit is personalised with the venue's name, the  in aid of' concern (whether a party or a fundraiser),  the runners' names, the runners' sponsors, the race names and the race sponsors names in the film, the betting tickets and the race programs. 

All our shows come with our virtual compere, Peedy parrot, who runs the show, introduces each runner by name and calls out the race names and sponsors.  There is no need for someone to stand at a microphone all evening and compere the event.  We dub all the personalised details professionally into the race film so our virtual compere articulates them perfectly - saving you the trouble and worry.

Each virtual race night DVD has a unique compilation of high quality, animated cartoon races which are exciting and funny.  Most have a twist, so you will never know what to expect next.  Compare all this with the old-fashioned charity horse racing nights and you will begin to understand the Fundeo phenomenon!   In fact Fundeo is proud to announce that our snail racing has been viewed by a worldwide audience of over 8 million people and has helped raise millions of pounds for charity and other worthy causes.

Fundeo Snail Racing vs. Horse Racing

Until the year 2000, horse race nights and dominated the scene. The horse racing nights came from the U.S.A. in the 60's and were termed 'A Nite at the Races'. They quickly caught on in the U.K. where they appealed primarily to an adult male audience and became popular along with dog race nights for the likes of football club fundraising and social nights in pub. Our animated cartoon snail racing extended their appeal to female audiences and all age-groups including children and for this we have a choice of different film categories from 'U' to '12+ years' to '15+ years' .  Customers can if they wish make the event an adults '18+ years' event by use of appropriate names and runners' namesfor the runners and races.

The Fundeo logo is a mark of high quality. Please beware of a phishing website claiming association with Fundeo and trying to trick you into purchasing their poor quality copies. These counterfeits have  boring races, poor synchrony between visuals and the virtual compere, jerky animation for the races, sloppy printed paperwork and a film format which will not fit your tv screen.  Only  the Fundeo product has a virtual compere who will call out your personalised details so do not be deceived.

Easy Fundraising Bingo Kits

Fundeo Bingo

Fundeo also provide our very own unique Bingo game kit.  This comes as a 'plug and play' DVD  with our virtual compere running the show. Further details are in our Bingo section and our online shop.



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