Race Night Videos & Bingo Game Kit

Perfect for Charity Fundraising

  • One-off race night videos with 1-click play
  • Horse, dog, roach & snail race night game
  • Our virtual on-screen host runs your event
  • All your names called out in the video
  • Personalised race card & tote tickets
  • HD-quality video downloads & streaming
  • Wide selection of Bingo Game video kits
Access everywhere

Access your race night or bingo video in your account using any connected device, then share your device's screen for your audience to view.

virtual race night at the races
Race Night at a Venue

For a Race Night at a venue, use a large TV, or projector & big screen for everyone to see. Tote tickets can be sold from a tote table, & auctions handled manually . . .

charity fundraising ideas for pubs
Race Night on Zoom

For a race night on Zoom everyone watches on Zoom. You use our virtual platform to sell virtual tote tickets, run the tote, award prizes & steer automated auctions from your own FREE Fundeo shop.

Fundeo virtual racing games
Global Night at the Races!

With a Fundeo Shop, you can host a Race Night party on Zoom from the comfort of your own home, and invite friends, family & colleagues from anywhere around the globe!

race night party at home
Free Race Night Download

Enjoy a free race night download before you order & find out why everyone loves Fundeo!

Download a free race
bingo night party at home
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Fundeo?
Our name is derived from 'Fun', 'Fundraising' and 'Video'. We supply personalised, bespoke, bingo and race night game videos for streaming or download. We make everything easy for you by placing all the races and bingo games into one continuous-play video, and providing our virtual on-screen host, Peedy parrot, to compere the event.
What are Fundeo’s products?
Fundeo makes race night and bingo game video kits. Our products are great entertainment and fantastic for parties, social events, corporate entertainment, and fundraising. They are commonly used by sports and social clubs, schools, PTA’s churches, charities, and all manner of good causes.
What is a race night?
A race night is a group participation game where pre-recorded races, each with 8 runners, are displayed to an audience. Participants sponsor, buy and fund those runners to win prizes. The race night can be at a real venue, or can be run online on Zoom, using our exclusive, 'do-virtual' platform.
How do I raise funds from these products?
For race nights, funds are raised by the sponsorship of races and runners; an auction of runners in the last race; and funding the runners with tote tickets. To raise funds a proportion of the income is retained, and the remainder is paid-out as prizes. For Bingo, income is made by the sale of bingo cards for the event and prizes can be items or cash.
Can I use your products for fun as well as fundraising?
Yes. You can put aside as much, or as little, as you choose for funds and give out the rest as prizes.
What lead time do you need for a video order?

Please order at least 10 working days before your event. We also have an express production service for urgent orders but please contact us directly when using this to make sure we can meet your schedule.

A demo streaming video is provided immediately after you place an order for testing your set-up. Video downloads and documents e generally available a few days after your order, and streaming videos are released on the day of your event.

Do you provide Bingo Video or Race Night Downloads?

Yes we provide race night downloads and bingo video downloads. Please check out the FREE race night download link on this page.

Our race nights and bingo videos are supplied in HD quality 720 pixels widescreen, using our very efficient, intelligent streaming service. The system is extraordinary robust and demands only very small bandwidth (of as little as 3-4 Mbps) to distribute streamed content anywhere around the world.

If you have any fears about your internet connection then there is a 'Speed Test' link at the bottom of the page. Then if you continue to have doubts please opt for the race night download / bingo video download, when you order.

How do I get started?

Click on the 'Order /Prices' button in the main menu to see all our products and prices and to place an order online. Ordering is a two step process, Step 1 is choosing the product and paying for it, and Step 2 is adding personalised details for your event.

You will receive an automatic email immediately after you complete Step 1 with instructions for Step 2. When you have completed Step 2 please click the 'Process Now' button to alert us so we can queue your order for processing.

If you are selling sponsorships and collecting names for a race night then getting a Shop in 'Do Virtual' will save you time because names can be collected online and imported directly into your order with a single mouse click.

Before the event you will test your display equipment using the 'setup and testing' video (supplied in your account).

At your event, your audience will watch the racing and you will manage the tote and award prizes from, either a tote table for a real venue, or virtually for a virtual one using your Shop.

For a bingo event you will purchase a video and sell bingo tickets to your audience directly, or online from your Shop. For virtual online bingo your audience print out their tickets from their own accounts on 'Do Virtual'. At the event they will use the wonderful, old-fashioned, fun way of playing with a dauber to mark off the numbers.

When a win is called in your bingo game you will validate it inside your shop by reference to their order number and the check board before transferring their prize to the virtual wallet of their account.

How do I get a Shop on 'Do Virtual'?

Go to 'Do Virtual' and sign up for one. You can be up and running on our exclusive platform with your own Fundeo Shop in minutes :-)