Youth Band Fundraising Romford Essex

Event Date: 15 June

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Taunton Hall , Romford Essex, United Kingdom

In Aid of: The Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps

Notes: Bang Bang Toot Toot! this was a fantastic event raising funds for this famous band. 8 races of escargot mayhem raised a tidy sum and sponsors personalised the names of their snails which all helped.

Total Raised: £800

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - QuickScale: Sideway Sid, Ronnies Girl, Hugh Jardon, Bent Bob, Poppy, Banshee, Daisy Rose, Freddie Whiskers
Race No.2 - Oh My Goodness: Peppa, Flash Dash, Mike Hunt, Ham Sandwich, Wilma Fingerdoo, Little Chef, Marilyn, Rocket Rocky
Race No.3 - Quality Sales Leads: Bob, Garry, Crunchie, Smelly Belly, Mersey Angel, Speedy, Jeff, Slimey Wrong Un
Race No.4 - Bartercard: Archie's Angel, Tess Steckle, Omar, Granny Gwen, Twilighters, Shy Vincent, Horny Shauny Returns, Slimey Sid
Race No.5 - QuickScale: Scarletts Delight, Bert, One Direction, Gertrude, Lightning Luke, Lucky Laura, Poppy, Ellie Patterson
Race No.6 - Ndulge: A. Nellsecks, Dan Gleebals, Hurricane Hockley, Doris, Ishell Walkit, Rufus, Ossies Dream, The Grinch
Race No.7 - Photos By Stewart: 3 Stars, Dave, Minnie the Minx, Snail or Never, Elmo, Smelly Welly, Rocket, Ricky Moon
Race No.8 - QuickScale: Ineeda Sheet, Ollie, Norfolk N Good, Spit N Polish, Brian, Nanny Toxic, Bubba Scoon, Whizz
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - QuickScale: Simon Gardiner, Jean Laskey, Lee Fearon, Reece Osborne, Saphire, John Boylan, Emily Cox, Harry and Beth
Race No.2 - Yum Yum Bros.: Ruby, Fiona Widdop, Lee Fearon, Ellie Medhurst, Dan Ridley, Jo Landers, Kerrie Munro, Charlotte Gardiner
Race No.3 - Lee Kettleton: Mitch Cressy, Billie Stack, Isobel Pedder, Daniel Jones, Aimee Cox, Lee Ridley, Daniel Riley, Jack Jones
Race No.4 - Stephen Widdop: Sylvia Butler, Colette Robinson, Tia Stack, Emma King, Josie Binder, Chesney Lee, Shaun Ridley, Ellie Hockley
Race No.5 - 07791 550167: Scarlett Gray, Steve Landers, Katie Cox, Skye Stack, Luke Munro, Laura Riley, Rheanna Cressy, Ellie Binder
Race No.6 - Yum Yum Bros: Adam Reed, Paul Binder, Hollie Hockley, John Buttifant, Gill Ridley, Brandon Stack, Gary Osborne, Grace Landers
Race No.7 - Photos By Stewart: Sarah Cox, Devon Cressy, Amy Gardiner, Jack Jones, Katie Munro, Oliver Jones, Ron Yorston, Mark Stack
Race No.8 - QuickScale: Kerrie Binder, Carol Laskey, Lee Ridley, Graham Cox, Jackie Latham, Scott Osborne, Nicky Stack, Bev Roseberry
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