Bingo Game Format

Peedy parrot -virtual host for Fundeo Ltd products. Copyright 1996 -1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. under licence from Microsoft

1. Peedy Introduces the Bingo Gaming

Peedy parrot pops up on the screen and describes the procedure for the bingo gaming providing a 'dummy run  to familiarise your audience with the audio-visuals before the games start.


2.  The Bingo Games Start

The first bingo game is about to startFundeo Bingo Video Game is Starting
The first game uses the Gold coloured ticket as indicated on screen.

the Bingo game is about to start.  Get ready!

Pre-game warning siren It's starting!

Get ready 'Eyes down' Eyes down!


The 5th Call in the first Bingo game

Call number 5
It is the fifth call in game 1 and its ball number 60 !


Call "sixty, three score!"  Peedy calls '60' in traditional (English seaside) fashion, "sixty, three score"




Call number 69 The 69th call of the bingo game!
It is the sixty ninth call in game 1 and its ball number 87 !
Someone calls bingo! You pause the video validate the win (check the screen to see that the numbers have been called) then let the video play on into the next game.

The 87th call in game 1 Peedy call '87' in traditional fashion, "eighty-seven, Torquay in Devon"


Interval Interval between bingo games
The next bingo game is coming soon. Relaxing background music plays to calm the nerves in the brief interval before the next game.

Interval music to calm the nerves Hear Interval music!


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