Bingo Night - Getting Started

1. Arrange a  Team If you have responsible colleagues and friends with an interest in your cause then involve them from the start.

2. Arrange a Date Decide on a date for your event and make sure that your venue and key assistants are available on that date too.

3. Arrange a Venue  Suitable venues can be pubs, bars, hotels, club premises, halls or college lecture theatres. Make sure that there is adequate seating space.  You may wish to think about facilities for refreshments. At most events coffee, tea, sandwiches and soft drinks are adequate. If the venue has its own bar then the owners should be pleased to offer it to you in return for the revenue your event will generate in bar sales. If your venue does not have a bar then you can simply ask everyone to bring their own drinks. Many venues have video screening equipment which can save you the need to organise this yourself.

4. Equipment  Arrange screening equipment for your bingo night. Our technical help section (see brochures and resources) will guide you. Many venues will have the necessary equipment available which will save you providing your own.

5. Arrange bingo prizes  Identify local companies or organisations which might donate a prize for your event. For a small fundraiser, you may wish to bring in the local butcher, the plumber, the garage, the electricians etc. For higher profile larger events you wish to try your luck with larger organisations such as an accounting firm, factory or store(s). Just bear in mind that larger organisations will need more time to organise a prize whereas smaller businesses can often make an immediate decision.

6. Order your bingo pack Once you have all the prizes arranged you can order your bingo pack online. A Fundeo bingo pack is a great investment because you can use it time and time again and purchase more bingo supplies as you need them. You may wish to order our professionally printed admission tickets. It is useful to sell tickets in advance because they raise funds and give an indication of turnout.

7. Publicise your bingo night Make up and print off personalised bingo night posters free of charge from our brochures & resources page and tell everyone you know of your event.

8. Consult the professionals  If you have reached this stage then its time to relax because you've done all the hard work. Fundeo will take care of the rest for you and Peedy Parrot will run your bingo gaming on the night.  However if you have questions at any time then consult our FAQ section (above) and if that doesn't help just contact us, or use our '123 type-talk' or give us a call. The Fundeo Team have many years of experience and are always ready to provide assistance.

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