Birthday Party Snail Racing Bristol

Event Date: 21 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Lockleaze Primary School Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cher's 50th Birthday

Notes: A fantastic birthday party event with a charity fundraising for a family concern for good measure.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - My Brother Syvest Derby: 22nd April 63, Childhood sweethearts, Dodgy knees, Teddy bear Tommy, The Fabulous Felly, On yer bike, Caravan Queen, Born to Run
Race No.2 - Cher's Grand Birthday Stakes: I love Brucie, Cher our golden girl, Cherie whiz, Love Bruce Willis, Dancing Queen, Happy sunny holidays, Teignmouth Gypsy, Brunette Bombshell
Race No.3 - Prince of Low's Stakes: Lennox the Healing Dog, Caravan of Love, Ditsy, How Deep is your Love, Flash, Daring Graffiti, Red Red Wine, Stamp it out
Race No.4 - The St Brucelen Ledger: Princess Lianna, Lilian Grace my Mum, The Best Nan in the World, Railway Bill, Mummy's Favourite, The Sister I Never Had, Hold me Close, Lockleaze Looker
Race No.5 - Gary's Thousand Guineas: Princess Tey Tey, Foxy Bingo .com, Stinky Trainers, Lockleaze Comp, There's a Bird in 'Ere', R Cher Always There, I like to Ride My Bicycle, Sons of Cher
Race No.6 - Dan's Tucky Derby: Danda, Fit as you Like, The Romney Rocket, Egg and Flour Steve, Best Sister Ever, Curly Perm, Morning Campers, Run for the Sun
Race No.7 - Golden Teya's Cup: Garfield, Brandy & Coke, Fabulous Fry Ups, Phantom Knicker Nicker, Cassie 'n' Cindy, Not another Currie Lowie, Nifty at Fifty, Birthday Girl
Race No.8 - Royal Lianna: Bob the Cat, Sherry not for Me, Cookie Lip, Shopping for R Rose, I'll see you in my Dreams, Kevin Costner Heart Throb, Cher's a Diamond, We all Love you Cher
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