Birthday Party Race Night Suffolk

Event Date: 25 June

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: HAVERHILL BOWLS CLUB, Haverhill, United Kingdom


Notes: This is a fundeo night of snail racing for a birthday party celebration fun night and all the snails and their owners will be introduced by our virtual compere. Should be a great night enjoy! UPDATE 30 people attended this party and it enjoyed by all.

Testimonial: "Good all-round fun for all ages. Excellent entertainment." Colleen F.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Grandkids Cabbage Patch Race: Shell Shocked, Snailor Swift, Hot Mint Muncher, Fast and Furious, Outermishell, Hard As Snails, Luke Snailwalker, Super Mario
Race No.2 - Senior Citizens and Kev Sprint: Norfolk N Chance, No Speed No Feed, S Car Go, Fat Boy Slime, Armoured Slug, Oops Wrong Way, Snail and Pace, Head Or Snails
Race No.3 - Ladies Day Derby: Snail Meet Again, I Shell Walk It, No F In Chance, Slime Machine, We Are Snailing, Shelly McShell Face, Shellgar, Quick Slime
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Usnail Bolt, Mighty Mollusc, Snail Extrix, No F In Chance, Super Mario, Shell Suit, Hard As Snails, Shell Shocked
Race No.5 - Slimey Cup: Shell Shocked, Snail Meet Again, Snailor Swift, S Car Go, Shell Suit, Hot Mint Muncher, Luke Snailwalker, I Shell Walk It
Race No.6 - Bug and Slug Derby: Usnail Bolt, Mighty Mollusc, Shellgar, Armoured Slug, Shelly McShell Face, Norfolk N Chance, No Speed No Feed, We Are Snailing
Race No.7 - Grand Smashenal: Fast and Furious, Outermishell, Hard As Snails, Super Mario, Luke Snailwalker, No F In Chance, Slime Machine, Snail and Pace
Race No.8 - Farrants Finale: Outermishell, Quick Slime, Snail Extrix, Snailor Swift, Oops Wrong Way, S Car Go, Fat Boy Slime, Head Or Snails
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - : Tayler Farrant, Savanna Farrant, Mason Farrant, Franky Farrant, Millie Farrant, Kai Farrant, Lewis Rought, Fraser Farrant
Race No.2 - : Ray Farrant, Kevin Nichols, Alan Payne, Garnett Wright, Kenny Benham, Brian Foster, Colin Backler, Chris Whiting
Race No.3 - : Ann Whiting, Denise Rought, Doreen Payne, Ann Malton, Caroline Farrant, June Backler, Jackie Wright, Gill Nichols
Race No.4 - : Justin Farrant, Craig Rought, Kris Farrant, Doreen Payne, Fraser Farrant, Colleen Farrant, Kai Farrant, Tayler Farrant
Race No.5 - : Tayler Farrant, Ann Whiting, Savanna Farrant, Alan Payne, Colleen Farrant, Mason Farrant, Lewis Rought, Denise Rought
Race No.6 - : Justin Farrant, Craig Rought, Jackie Wright, Kenny Benham, June Backler, Ray Farrant, Kevin Nichols, Caroline Farrant
Race No.7 - : Franky Farrant, Millie Farrant, Kai Farrant, Fraser Farrant, Lewis Rought, Doreen Payne, Ann Malton, Colin Backler
Race No.8 - : Millie Farrant, Gill Nichols, Kris Farrant, Savanna Farrant, Brian Foster, Alan Payne, Garnett Wright, Chris Whiting
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