Birthday Party Snail Race Night Sheffield

Event Date: 31 August

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Travellers Inn, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Birthday Party Snail Race

Notes: A 15+ age group ebvent for a birthday party event with snails named after participants for fun. 8 races went down a treat.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Bar Staff Dash: Steve Erswell, Christine Flowers, Robert Hanson, Dennis Smith, Clare 'T-Rex' Allsop, KT Mitchell, Sarah Goddard, Hollie Passarrelli
Race No.2 - The Rascals Race: Mikey Smith, Alfie Smith, Owen Newton Smith, Ella Kirkland, Lincoln Kirkland, Lexi Kirkland, Jo Whitehead, Jake Whitehead
Race No.3 - The Fundeo Derby: Emily Goodwin, Chloe Leggitt, Kyle Leary, Marie Cropper, Stephanie Swift, Melanie Cropper, Paul Green, Leyla
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Vicky Smith, Lorna Smith, Richard Smith, Daniel Rodgers, Alan Rodger, Vic Nicholls, Marie Rodgers, Neil Leary
Race No.5 - The Fundeo Frolic: Jayne Kirkland, Craig Kirkland, Lauren Kirkland, Lee Kirkland, Gemma Kirkland, Mick Woodhall, Sarah Woodhall, Ryan Kirkland
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: Karen Smith, Gary Smith, Kathryn Flanagan, Jodie Christian, Ethan Christian, Alex Flanagan, Ella Flanagan, Clive
Race No.7 - The Fundeo Crawl: Nic, John, Irish John, Mechanic Si, Darren, Craig, Paul, Steve B
Race No.8 - The Chef's Chase: Ed Chef Sarah, Ed Chef Wannabe Adam, Departing Chef Megs, Nice Specs Sam, KP George, T Bags Tina, Little Legs Leary, Gordan Ramsey
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