Birthday Party Snail Race Cardiff

Event Date: 14 September

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Cornwall Pub, Grangetown, Cardiff, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Birthday Party Snail Race

Notes: A 15+event with some fun 'adult' snail names making for a great birthday party event.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Garden Of Smailes: Turbo, GoGo Smail, Slow Jo, Lazy Moo, The Slimer, Snail Trail, Slow Jim, Better Than You
Race No.2 - Koopa's Lipstick: F*ck my A** (censored), Rainbow Kiss, Dog With 2 D*cks (censored), Dr Flaccid, Ben 'N' Syder, Chubby Chaser, C*ckLikeASaltedSlug (censored), Donkey Punch
Race No.3 - The Cornwall Clan: Buffalo Soulja, Black Man's Pinch, Bleeding Banjo, Jabba The Snail, Borris Johnson, Sammy Snail, Stimpy, Garrie
Race No.4 - Tail of snails: Tinky Pants, F*nny Annie (censored), Reet Petite, Wide Eyed An Legless, Miley, Ron Jeremy, Gwillim, Lenny The Bucket
Race No.5 - Hard as Snails: AC Cobra, Skippy, Wonkin All Over , Blue or Red, Postman Pat, Sully, Sharky, Slowest Ever
Race No.6 - The Less Slow Will Win: Dennis, F*cking Ad You (censored), John Giles, Killer, Iconic Nigel, Fatty's Lee, Slob John, Winky W*nky Wonk (censored)
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