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  1. Cartoon Snail Racing

    Cartoon Snail Racing
    Cartoon snail racing, what a crazy idea you might say... but you may wonder how everything started? In the late the 90's I took a University course in computing. I was interested to find something new. Something that I could apply my newly acquired skills to. Then I attended a horse race night. It was one of those 'lightbulb' moments...
  2. RACE NIGHT Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

    RACE NIGHT Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It
    A Race Night is an event where people come together to watch horse races on a big screen. You can organize a race night for charity fundraising, but you can also do it just for fun. People will often place bets on the different races, and the atmosphere is usually quite lively. Race Nights are a great way to raise...
  3. Virtual Race Night: the ‘Do Virtual’ Platform

    Virtual Race Night: the ‘Do Virtual’ Platform
    Hi everyone we‘ve very exciting news to share with you. We've been busy over the COVID period creating some fresh offers! We're now proud to introduce you to our new multi-vendor marketplace platform. Do-Virtual is our virtual product for virtual race night or virtual horse racing night. The 'Do Virtual' Race Night platform can be used to facilitate a Zoom...

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