Hi everyone we‘ve very exciting news to share with you. We've been busy over the COVID period creating some fresh offers!

We're now proud to introduce you to our new multi-vendor marketplace platform. Do-Virtual is our virtual product for virtual race night or virtual horse racing night.

The 'Do Virtual' Race Night platform can be used to facilitate a Zoom race night or a race night on Teams and can be a useful asset for a traditional venue-based virtual race night.

Our multi-vendor marketplace platform is a website that lets you join us online as a vendor. It means that you can join us with your own professional e-commerce Shop. 

If you like, our Fundeo Race Nights platform is a little like Amazon, Netflix, eBay and Just Giving but a lot more Fundeo!

Virtual Zoom Race Nights For Fun

Having your own Fundeo Shop has lots of advantages! You could host a Remote Zoom race night at the drop of a hat.  This virtual race night doesn't need to be a fundraiser.  It can just as easily be a fun night with friends, a social gathering, or a party get-together.

Do you need some entertainment for a party?

Easy! You can simply share all the income from the tote amongst the winning ticket at the end of each race.

What about Zoom Race for a fundraiser?

Easy as well! You can decide what share of the takings you put aside for charity funds and then share out the remainder amongst the winners.

Virtual Race Nights UK

Why Choose Fundeo’s 'Do Virtual' Platform?

Previously running a small event for fun with friends you knew was fine. Your friends would accept mistakes and mishaps and everyone was trusting enough to take it in their stride. On the other hand, when you are running an event with serious sums of money, all manner of responsibilities, and a large demanding audience it is important to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


The main difficulties running a professional Zoom race night were:


1) selling tote tickets for each race

2) collecting money calculating the prizes

3)Distribute the prices


As a result, all manner of different methods were developed to get around this bottleneck, none of which could possibly compare with the well-proven venue-based traditional method of using a tote table staffed by ticket sellers.

Add to that the responsibility of juggling races, jiggling with screens, being inundated by email pledges to buy tickets and sinking into a swamp of correspondence from a large demanding audience and it was enough to make any sane organiser run for the hills.

Our ‘Do Virtual’ platform, is designed to overcome these problems and make a Zoom virtual race night easy to set up and run.  Thanks to Fundeo's Do Virtual platform, your Zoom virtual race night is even easier to run than a traditional venue-based race night.

What Is the 'Do Virtual' Platform?

With the "Do Virtual", you can open up a shop and set up a virtual race night within minutes. Event wizards organise and configure all the different aspects and make everything simple.  Everything that might be needed can be configured: sale of sponsorships, collection of names, automated auctions for runners in the last race, and sale of virtual tote tickets.

During the virtual race night, the audience watches the racing video on Zoom and buy virtual tote tickets in the organiser's Shop using their mobiles or other connected devices.   There is no limit to the number of tote tickets that can be sold in a race. When the tote is closed the organiser uses the easy Tote - iBukee tool in his Shop dashboard to automatically calculate prizes for winners according to your settings. Fundeo also provides a fundraising calculator for race nights which is designed to help you plan your race night.

Managing a Race Night

The Do Virtual race night platform lets an organiser run a  virtual race night from home single-handedly. There's no need to book a venue and no need to worry about cash and social distancing. Plus there's the added advantage of reaching out to a more numerous and widespread audience.

How does Fundeo’s ‘Do Virtual’ work?

Fundeo’s race night videos are compiled for continuous play and have an on-screen virtual host to run the show. Thanks to that, when running a virtual race night on Zoom, you  just need to focus on opening and closing the tote from your dashboard and paying out prizes throughout the event.

-Easy-Tote Calculator iBukee Tool lets you to do this single-handedly no matter what the audience size. 

-Bulk payment Tool allows you or a big corporate to organize large race nights.

-Your Shop can be used to collect and import sponsor names for races and for runners.  Collecting sponsors becomes easy and fast and it takes seconds to import all the names into the order.

-Automated auctions: each of the runners in the last race can be set up for an online auction.  Bids are taken automatically and the auction can be set to finalise just before the last virtual race is due to start.

We look forward to seeing you on our ‘Do Virtual’ platform soon- do come and join us.