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Brochures and Forms

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Documents to help you organise your race night are provided below for download.  The sponsorship collection form is to help you collect sponsors for the races and runners.  If you don't name the runners they will have the 'default' names shown in the race cards.  There is also a Bingo brochure.

pdf file  Sponsorship Collection Form              pdf file  Snail Race Card                          

pdf file  Roach Race Card                                    pdf file  Snail Racing Brochure 

          pdf file  Snail Racing Guide                                  pdf file  Bingo Brochure

You can use our fundraise money race night calculator to assist in planning and organising your race night and get our race night tote payout calculator to help you calculate the payouts for winning tickets.


 Poster Templates  

Build a poster.  This is a very quick and cheap way to build a professional poster to advertise your race night. Simply click on a poster image to open the template online, or  'save' it to your desktop and work on it there.  Personalise the poster as you wish then when you are ready just print it out. 

Race Night Poster

Fundeo snail racing poster           Fundeo roach racing poster template          


Bingo Night Poster   

bingo night poster



Technical Help with Your Equipment

Below is a technical information download file to help you set up your equipment for your Fundeo event.

pdf file  Technical Help