Charity Fundraising Marykirk Aberdeen

Event Date: 27 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Marykirk Hall, Marykirk, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Marykirk Raft Race

Notes: This 8 race event was in a 'U' certificate film and had snails names and sponsors names added. A great success. Survey should show 4 stars for 'Virtual Hosting' by Peedy (editor)

Testimonial: "A great night had by all!" Diana Mills

Total Raised: £200

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Rural Broadband: BT, Vodafone, O2, Everything Everywhere, Talk Talk, 3, Tiscali, Sky Broadband
Race No.2 - Snotty Snail race: The Snotter, Slimey Diva, Twinkle Toes, Born Slippy, Slippery Sam, Its A Slugs Life, Norfolk in Chance, Lightening Slimer
Race No.3 - The Snail Who Slimed Me: Tay Bridge Tosh, Brian, Tornado Thomson, Slimer Dimer, Slimathon, Max Slug, Lucky Sister, Mardy Bum
Race No.4 - Hugo's Hurdle: Smelly Belly Snail, Slimmy Jo, Bob, Snail Mary, Rab C, Ferryden Flyer, Cor Blimey Its Slimy, Slow Eddie
Race No.5 - Mearns Hardware Hustle: Splodge, Frail Snail, Sempre Fi, Crazy Horse, 50 Something, Snoozer, Speedy, Fast Eddie
Race No.6 - The Pitbeadle 100 Guinneas: Tilly The Slug, Slow Poke Tam, Clem-Bob, Slimey Git, Funky Fester, Gary, Slimy, Scabby Sump
Race No.7 - Mearns Motors Top Service: Olly's Love Boat, Taylor Express, Moet, Cava , Julie, Floundering Ford, Sewxy Skoda, Water in Your Fuel
Race No.8 - The Movers and Shakers: Escar Go Go Go, Slimetastic, Mothering Mary, Never seen a Football Before, Swinging Sven, Sub them All, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining No One
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Bill Buchan:,,,,,,,
Race No.2 - Karen McArdle: Bruce Tait, Leah Tait, Rosie Tindal, Mandy Dunn, Mary Tait, Matt Dunn, Sarah Osbourne, Alan Tindal
Race No.3 - The Taits: Harry McArdle, Margaret Fairweather, Alison Thomson, Karen Thomson, Shnnon Tait, Bev MaKinnon, Karen McArdle, Sarah Osbourne
Race No.4 - Hugo's Cafe: Andy Ogilvie, Jodi Ogilvie, Debbie Salmon, Julie Clench, Ian Ogilvie, Carol Ogilvie, Madge Will , Scroll Products
Race No.5 - Mearns Hardware : Beckley Kenny and Co, Beckley Kenny and Co, James S T Liddle Antiques, Tony Ratcliffe, Karen Ogilvie, Julie May , Linda Thomson, Scroll Products
Race No.6 - The Wolstencrofts: The Wolstencrofts, The Wolstencrofts, The Wolstencrofts, Lynda Allet, Logan Kellas, Sophie Adair, Sara Adair, Mearns Motors
Race No.7 - Mearns Motors: Olly Taylor, Taylor Angus, Tara Forbes, Julie Munroe, Mark and Linda, Mearns Motors, Mearns Motors, Mearns Motors
Race No.8 - Clark and Rose: Sean and Abigail, Kim Tait, Mary Tait, The Vaults Football Club, No One Wants me, The Vaults Football Club, No One Loves Me, Why Bother
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