Charity Fundraising Balderton, Newark

Event Date: 13 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Flowserve Sports & Social Club , Balderton, Newark, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Stroke & Alzheimers

Notes: A well run and organised event by Christine Mills at the Flowserve Club. This was an 8 race pack with sponsors names added in a 'U' category film for a family audience. All made for a great fun charity fundraising race night event and on top of the £450 raised from the racing the betting was well oiled because the bar made an extra £500 of funds.

Testimonial: "Hilarious fun for all the family. Excellent value for money." Christine Mills

Total Raised: £450

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Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Mills & Boobs: John Mersh, James Murphy, Dave the oiler, Sally Blankley, Garth, Paul Baines, Sally Baines, Snaggle
Race No.2 - N V Us Cards: Zoe, Sweety John, Rob Firman, Brian Dickens, Peter Lambert, John Dodson, Trevor Sale, Chuck Tansley
Race No.3 - Pro Roofing: R James, M James, L James, N James, B James, Ry James, Rose Marshall, G Pegg
Race No.4 - Barnard Construction: Pedro, Craig Charters, Lisa Mayes, Pato, Dan Barnard, Stacy Mills, Pato, Mick Moody
Race No.5 - Barrie Lord's Wedding Stakes: Roger, Chris, Helen, Dean, Maureen, Barrie, Aidie, Ann Other
Race No.6 - K & J Hair & Beauty: Pedro, Mick Moody, Kelly Charters, Brian Robb, Adam Mills, Lisa Mayes, Melvin Robb, Steven Mills
Race No.7 - Townie: Adam Mills, Pato, Chrissy Mills, Katie Mills, Bazza, Nichola Mills, Townie, John Mills
Race No.8 - Lilly May: , , , , , , ,
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