Charity Fundraising Berwickshire

Event Date: 18 May

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Duns Rugby Club, Duns, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Berwickshire Group Riding For the Disabled

Notes: A six race event attended by about 30 people raising £570. The film was in a 15 + age category and had personalised snail names called out by Peedy parrot as well as snail sponsors' names added. Lucky dip tickets were purchased and extra race cards too.

Testimonial: "A really entertaining way to raise funds for your cause." Sharon Baker

Total Raised: £570

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Hicks Hurdle: Oblivious Oscar, Dashing Dylan, Snooze You Lose, Quick Draw McCraw, Ralph, Sally 1104, Clive, Slow & Ginger
Race No.2 - Lyons Plumbers (no sluggish): Leekie Lizzie, Snail Trail, L, Shell I Bother?, Lightening, Springfield Egg Man, Shamrock, Snailing for Glory
Race No.3 - Aitchison: Rocky, Kim, Midwife Express, Hairy Dave, Whatusain, Niffer, Bowling Bob, Hey Big Spender
Race No.4 - Black Bull Beer Trap Derby: Snail Gun, Snail Blazer, Tattie Badger, Gary, Dreamy Gonzales, No 'F' in Chance, Norfolk 'N Good, My Face
Race No.5 - Robertson's Rumble: Girl Scout, Linford Crustacean, Kidshiel Kid, McGinty, Stevie Wonder, Snail Varnish, Shellgar, Silver Streak
Race No.6 - RKF Joinery Jiggle: Sit Down!, Tasty Dish, Snailextrix, Escargo!, Fat Boy Slime, Bert's Dream, Sir Slides, Racing Reef
Race No.7 - The Rugby Club Romp : Shell Be Back Soon, Usnail Bolt, Len Dusatenna, Arfur Fouksyake, Oil Beef Hooked, Shell Shocker, Barry, Hammer & Snail
Race No.8 - The Redpath Tyres Chase: Slime Time, Smasha Deeschell, Crusher, Outta Michelle, Quickslime, Hard as Nails, Super Slug, Vodka & Slime
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Gareth Hicks Farrier: Laura Whiteford, Sheila Thorburn, Dee Thorburn, Scott McCraw, Gemma Devlin, Shirley McCraw, Euan Edgar, Scott Turnbull
Race No.2 - Paul Lyons Plumbing & Heating: Sue Brown, Irene Wilson, Cameron Redden, Sharon Baker, Lesley Redden, Kagel, Pat Scott, Ted Baker
Race No.3 - Aitchison Fencing: Barbara Gibb, Ian Watson, Morag Beavon, Mark Beavon, Stuart Elliot, Jennifer Fraser, Keiran Wilkinson, Danielle Fraser
Race No.4 - Black Bull, Duns: Joe Baker, Laura Stanhope, Alan Young, Johnnie Thorburn, Joop Stanhope, Michael Stanhope, Theresa Stanhope, John Orr
Race No.5 - E & AJ Robertson: Scott McCraw, Tom Baker, Kagel, Patt Scott, Shirley McCraw, Gina Walker, Louise Aitken Walker, Graham Walker
Race No.6 - RKF Joinery: Taz Baker, Joop Stanhope, Gemma Stanhope, Fabrice Stephenson, Tammy Chapman, Robert Fleming, Hannah Wilson, Sheila Thorburn
Race No.7 - Duns RFC : Sharon Baker, Ted Baker, John Walker, Stuart Reid, Paul Liddell, Tom Baker, Andrew Connor, Angus Baker
Race No.8 - Redpath Tyres: , , , , , , ,
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