Charity Fundraising Coulsdon London

Event Date: 25 May

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: MS Therapy Centre, Bradbury House, Lloyd Avenue, Coulsdon CR5 2QS, Croydon, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Sutton & Croydon MS Therapy Centre

Notes: This was a 'U' Certificate 8 race event with names and sponsors added. A highly successful event where an extra £200 was made at the bar on top of the £1200 directly from the racing.

Testimonial: "Perfect for families and great fun. An excellent tool for fundraising and something a bit different from the norm." Paul White

Total Raised: £1,200

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Odyssey Group Opener Stakes: Slime B*ll (censored), Charlotte, Let's get the car n go, Lightening, Kibster, Brighton nil Palace two!, Amblin alex, Ground control to major tom
Race No.2 - The Peak Performance Gold Cup: Slow Joe, Super Quick Sammy, Dorothy, Escargot Margot, Bob, Champion Charlie, Leaf mealone, Glenn Murray
Race No.3 - The Sticky Finish Stakes: Plodders, Amy ab fab, Shellgar, My dead nan, Big fat sue, Mighty meta4, Go faster billy, Malta
Race No.4 - The Speedy cars 4 U dash: Shelmet, Flash ah ah, Rapid radley, Jumpin jack jess, Usain, Alice, Go maximus, Mothers pride
Race No.5 - The safe I.S sweep stake: Slow down Sally, Dottie Lottie, Shelf life, Nifty Nigel, Girls night, Dash, Sheldon, Oldham up
Race No.6 - The ITC Concepts Slimey Cup : the bean counter, Dennis, Perfect with Garlic, Uncle Paddy's Passion, The slider, Ooo la la, Betty, Let it slime
Race No.7 - The ASP Cook the books and hyde sprint: The VAT man cometh, Where's the receipt?, You can't claim that!, I love a bit of double entry , Over inflated assets, Now thats what i call a loss!, Al Coholic, Here's my invoice
Race No.8 - The Last chance salon Stakes: Stan Still, Wendy Windblows, Ben Dover, Willie Stroker, Huge Janus, Sue Perb, Justin Credible, That's Terry Bull
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Odyssey Group: Carole George, Isabelle Hall, Tracey Beard, Pat Currie, The Kibbeys, Paul White, Alex Martin, The Odyssey Group
Race No.2 - Terry Russell: Mike Hemstead, Samantha Martin, Janet Jones, Marie-Paul Psaila, Joe Russell, Maggie Conway, The Odyssey Group, Keith Beard
Race No.3 - Keith & Valerie White: Steve Podbury, Amy White, Jenny Brady, Kate Madden, The odyssey group, Rose Russell, Bob Hemstead, Peter Psaila
Race No.4 - Cars 4 U: Connor Wade, The Odyssey Group, Michael James, Jessica Martin, Andy Madden, Tom Hall, Janet Hemstead, Brenda Hardy
Race No.5 - Safe I.S Limited: The Odyssey Group, Michael James, AS Partnership, Nigel Martin, Helen Bec Sandra & Jo, Terry Russell, Zoe White, Pat Storey
Race No.6 - ITC Concepts: AS Partnership, Mavis Beard, The Odyssey Group, Brenda Hemstead, , Dawn White, Ellie Russell, Rebecca Dodd
Race No.7 - AS Partnership: AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership, AS Partnership
Race No.8 - Paul & Dawn White: , , , , , , ,
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