Charity Fundraising Hayling Hants

Event Date: 1 November

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Mill Rythe Holiday Village , Hayling Island, Hants, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Womens Royal Naval Service (WRNS) Benevolent Trust

Notes: Great to see the WRNS benevolent trust back again. This is a fun fundraiser event in a 15+ age category made up on an 8 race race night dvd with personalised snail names and snail sponsors names added. Fun race names are added to boot. These WRNS love having fun and this is bound to be another great night out :-) Update: 450 turned out and had great fun with the fantastic sum of £3500 raised.

Testimonial: "If you've never been in a room with over 400 ex-WRNS screaming at cartoon snails you've not lived." Andrea Wrigley

Total Raised: £3,460

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Services Wrendered Cup: Saucy Steward, Oily Wragg, Egg on Legs, Dhobey Dust, Chief Wren Reg, Liberty Boat, Pier 93, Dog Watch Disaster
Race No.2 - The Diablo Chase: Make and Mend, Narna Head, Captains Table, Naughty Nightwatch, Jack the Lad, Gizzit, Kara Pace, Crusher
Race No.3 - The Wilberforce Wobble: Mixed up Air Mech, Coxswain, Muscly Marine, Half Nelson, Determined Driver, Escargot a la Garlic, Night Flying, Deep Six
Race No.4 - The Hagner Handicap Chase: Mod Plod, No Name Snail, Splice the Mainbrace, Meat Wagon, Captains Rounds, Super Slops, Dodgy Deckhand, Pushy PTI
Race No.5 - The Sayers Steeplechase: Big Bad Bootneck, Super Sprog, Bagnoli Jones, Blue Liner, Canny Jack, Robbo's s-cargo, Up Spirits, Spartacus Nos 8
Race No.6 - Submariners Steaks: Puffing Pay Wren, Call the Hands, Jenny Wren, Racey Radar, Uckers, Cinderella Leave, Mess Deck Blues, Horatio Helix
Race No.7 - The Exotic Grill: Writers Revenge, Dopey Dog Watch, Workship, Dartmouth Sprog, Brigadoon, Number One Suit, Sippers, Wren Away With It
Race No.8 - The Matsuyama Marathon: Jump to it, Jet Jockey, Jam, Crazy Cooks, Welly Wanging, Jammy Sod, Port and Starboard, Gulpers
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Services Wrendered: , , Lagrue and Smith, , , , Maggie Yates, Jonni Berfield
Race No.2 - Rosemary Jenkins: Heather Leyland, Rita Sayers, Rosemary Jenkins, , , , Sarah Ayton,
Race No.3 - Marjorie Imlah: , , Laura Vincent, , Andrea Wrigley, Karen Cath and Debor, ,
Race No.4 - Janet Crabtree: , Ruth Gundry, , Angie Cooper, , , Marjorie Douglas-Law, Michelle Pascoe
Race No.5 - Rita Sayers: Ruth Gundry, , Debbie Fuller, , , Sue & Steve Roberts, , Barbara Cotton
Race No.6 - Derbyshire Submariners: Marjorie Douglas-law, , Andrea Wrigley, Jane Marshall, , , , Anne-Marie & Karen
Race No.7 - Jill Stellingworth: , Doreen Markgraf, , Lyn & Graham Tonge, Val Brigden, , , Larraine Cox
Race No.8 - Rosemary Smith: Anne McCann, , Jill Stellingworth, , , Emma Wrigley, , Rosemary Jenkins
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