Charity Fundraising Herefordshire

Event Date: 2 August

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Kington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Notes: An 8 race fundeo snail racing event with snail names and sponsors added and the races named and sponsored. The dvd is a 12 + age category event held in the afternoon as a private ticket only event. Have fun everybody! PS Snail names and sponsors have since been updated and some have changed relative to those advertised. UPDATE: We made a big effort to help out with this event as it was the organiser's first race night and we are so pleased it payed off with £3000 raised for a great cause. 150 people turned out a fun night which was rated as very easy to run despite pre-event nerves.

Testimonial: "Very pleased." Mr Peter Bayliss

Total Raised: £3,000

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Hire and Fire: Tom Thumb, Go Go Jo, Ambling Annie, Dashing Dom, Spinning Sal, Big Al, Flash Gordan, Miss Elsie May
Race No.2 - Freddies Revenge : Mental Mick, Gracious Gwen, Woko, Naughty Nancy, Aunty Ed, Racing Rob, Flying Aubrey, Catch Up Kev
Race No.3 - The Truckers Lane: Hopeful Hel, Iffy Cliffy, Randy Sandy, Leaky Bere, Dotty Doris, Sparkling Perry, Jilly Willy, Dale Boy
Race No.4 - All Pumped Up: Garvey, Shirl The Whirl, Phut Phut Phil, Voluptuous Val, Rockin Rollings, Curly Girlie, Dopey Dai, Elegant Ellie
Race No.5 - The Windy Millers: Average Anders, Timid Trevor, Nasty Nick, Outstanding Orinoko, Canny Kenny, Escargot Margot, Rocking Ricardo, Winging Wong
Race No.6 - Fueled up & raring to go: Silly Cis, Anxious Alice, Dizzy Di, Brian, Sheila, Roaming Rich, Likeable Lyn, Hergest Millers
Race No.7 - Edward: Raunchy Roger, Curvy Kath, Slick Nick, Nimble Nett, Glace, Rambling Rose, Sassy Shaz, Tea Potts
Race No.8 - The Last Post: Tight Arse Pete, Busty Butcher, Jigalo John, The Head Gardener, Sexy Slyv, Tipsy Tony, Lucious Lorraine, Viagra Viv
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Arrow Plant Hire: Tom Clark, Jo Griffiths, Ann Williams, Dominique Phippin, Sally Griffiths, Alan Bayliss, Gordan Coppice, Elsie Bayliss
Race No.2 - A W Hughes and Son: Mick Saunders, Gwen Patterson, David Watkins, Nancy Wheatland, Edna Galliers, Robert Bayliss, Martin Aubrey, Kevin Protheroe
Race No.3 - Bayliss Bros: Helen Bayliss, Cliff Edwards, Sandra Protheroe, Beresford Vaughan, Doris Law, Perry Bayliss, Jill Hunt, Dale
Race No.4 - Ian Jones Tyres: Gary Moore, Shirley Lewis, Philip Hutton, Val Carpenter, Martyn Rollings, Maria Powell, David Welson, Eleanor Seaton
Race No.5 - J&P Turner: , , , , , , ,
Race No.6 - Lomas Kington Ltd: Cicely Bayliss, Alice Williamson, Diane Cook, Brian Griffiths, Sheila Clark, Richard Lloyd, Lyn Stephens, David Woodnut
Race No.7 - Kington Building Supplies: Roger Williams, Kath Cole, Nick Maddy, Jeanette Preece, Sherrie Morgan, Rose Weale, Sharon Scott, John Potts
Race No.8 - Kington Post Office: Peter Bayliss, Margaret Maddy, John Hunt, Steven Lloyd, Sylvia Hutton, Tony Dawson, Lorraine Wright, Viv Lloyd
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