Royal Navy Charity Race Night Cyprus

Event Date: 22 February

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: JSSU (CYP) WO's & SR's Mess, Cyprus, Cyprus

In Aid of: Royal Navy Good fun and charity

Notes: A fun and charity fundraising snail race night at the Naval base in Cyprus to entertain the troops. All made up on an 8-race snail racing race night dvd in a 15+ age category . An audience of 60 is expected- and hopefully more will slip along for what promises to be a hot event with shell loads of molluscan mayhem. Update: A smaller audience turned out than expected but what they lacked in numbers was made up for with beer (from a free bar) and laughs. Funds of Euro 150 were raised for a good cause.

Testimonial: "A fantastic package! And good fun for all! Many thanks Fundeo!" Mark Johnson

Total Raised: £120

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