Charity Fundraising Race Night Dyce

Event Date: 22 June

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Green Trees Pub , Dyce, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Charity Fundraising: World Challenge Trip To Nepal 2013

Notes: School boy with initiative Jake followed our fundraising program to the T and we spent a lot of time guiding him on how to run the event. Jake settled on an 8 race pack in a 15 + film category with added personalised snail names and sponsors names added too. He ordered extra betting tickets and despite a poorer turn out than expected and him struggling with his sound equipment he held a tremenndous fun event which decked a large amount of the £3000 required for his trip to Nepal.

Testimonial: "Easy to use. Fun enjoyable evening. Thank you Fundeo." Jake Anderson

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Beekies Bolt: Quicker Than You, Hair Trends, Schnell, Escargogogo!, Sibyl, Jason Stratham, Got The Hump, Ruths Racer
Race No.2 - Flash: Slimy, Brian, Dizzy D, Drama Queen, Prof. Marmaduke.., Fityideen, Olivias Pad, Haimie Jay
Race No.3 - Dymond Dash: Flashy, This Car Go, Carol's Jakey-boy, Nifty Nicola, Lexus, Patsy, Speedy, Outer Michelle
Race No.4 - Audstar Accumulator: Fandango, Arriba, Torry Tornado, L'escargot, Eddie, Plain Snailing, Blind Bomb, No F In Chance
Race No.5 - Newmachar Chipper National: Wendy Whizz, Archibald, Shellgar, Battling Bob, Trevor, Fat Boy Slime, Ivor Snail, Mark 1 Escargot
Race No.6 - Last Stop Saloon: Messi, Hi Ho Silver, Murphy's Da', Lightning Liz, Escargofasterdownhill, Lovin Your Trail, TTFN, Dippy Tea
Race No.7 - Flowers By Judith Slither: Jimmy Choo, Drongo, McKenzie, Lotus, Lilyanng, The Flying Prefab, MG Racer, Nice With Garlic
Race No.8 - The Parkhill Skidaddle: Fergus, Silver Streak, Lulu's Revenge, Norfolkandchance, Velocity Val, Dougal, Sunnybrae Star, Slippery Bill
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Beekies Neuk: Mary K, Hair Trends, Alison Moir, Stuart Anderson, Val Ross, Linda Fettes, Mrs Walker, Ruth M
Race No.2 - Frost Photography: Moira Ramsay, Maggie Crow, Mr Walker, Mary Anderson, Kerry Abercrombie, Bob Mead, Ruth M, Mary K
Race No.3 - Dyce Dymonds: Dyce Dymonds, Drew Sharp, Carol Grant, NIchola, Lyndsay, Judy Reid, Ian Ramsay, Gail K
Race No.4 - Audstar Florist: Mary Anderson, Jillian Grant, Shona Simpson, Niall Walker, Graham Reid, Mo Garriock, Dyce Dymonds, Harrison K
Race No.5 - Newmachar Fish Bar: Wendy, Ewan Reid, Dawn Lynch, Bob Owen, Claire Illingsworth, Emily Kennedy, Charles, Lynn Kennedy
Race No.6 - Dyce Caravans: Craig Reid, Iris Owen, Stewart McAluchlan, Liz Goodall, Frances Moffat, Mary Anderson, Emma Kennedy, Mick Kennedy
Race No.7 - Flowers By Judith: Emma Morrison, Drew Sharp, Ashley Michie, Debbie Archibald, Clair Hancy, Drew Sharp, Gordon, Mick Kennedy
Race No.8 - Parkhill Garden Centre: Wendy Carstairs, David K, Lee Menzies, Alan Murdoch, Val Reid, Ellis Michie, Kaye Simpson, Mary Anderson
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