Charity Fundraising Snail Race Night Scunthorpe

Event Date: 28 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Club, Scunthorpe, Lincs, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Charity Fundraisng

Notes: An 8 race event with snails named and sponsors names added with extra betting tickets and race cards and with the race night dvd made up in a 15+ age category. Promises to be a great night at the club. Slip along for some great molluscan mayhem. Update 200 turned out for the event which was a great success raising £3000. Well done

Total Raised: £3,000

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - the Red Army: Brian, Eager Emily, Adsnan, Cedric, Pong, Woody, Betsy the Bolt, Quack
Race No.2 - Wardy's Wacky Races: Kook Kerry, Snail Blaze, Buzz, Legal Drinker, Cecil, Jock, Adam, Happy Harry
Race No.3 - Mollusk mile: Ping, Rooney, Chloe, Ed Start, Peter, Adam's Apple, Kraft Kieran, Fierce Fiona
Race No.4 - Disco here Disco there : Joey, Rio, Pissed up Paul, Crawler, Snooze you Loose, Nichole, The Hobbit, Fat boy Slime
Race No.5 - Hair today Gone tomorrow: Robbie Rotten, Flash, Bottesford Bullet, Angel of the North, Giggsy, Pepsi cola, Robbie, Shelly
Race No.6 - Slithering Snail Gold Cup: Sherlock, Bam, Suzanne Snail, Misha, Big Bad Bob, Bella Boo, Sidney, Toby Jax
Race No.7 - Crash Bang Whalop: Slimy Simon, Lewis, Daisy Dog, Herbert, Jackie, Yom, Bentley Boy, Merlin
Race No.8 - Jackamo: Belieber, Denny, Jumping Jack Flash, Poppy Poo Pants, Tight a*se (censored), Monty, Jackamo, Si
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Lynn Williamson: Amelia Rowe, Paul Duff, Lynn Williamson, Vanessa Culbert, Sally Quibell, Leanne Brown, Kerry Vause, Joanne Small
Race No.2 - Industry Veterans: Austin Vause, Amelia Rowe, Leanne Brown, Joanne Small, Vanessa Culbert, Kick Quibell, Lynn Williamson, Paul Duff
Race No.3 - Quibell Fabrications: Sally Quibell, Lynn Williamson , Vanessa Culbert, Amelia Rowe, Kick Quibell, Joanne Small, Austin Vause, Paul Duff
Race No.4 - Amps and Decks Disco: Leanne Brown, Lynn Williamson, Fiona Duff, Vanessa Culbert, Austin Vause, Yvonne Kirk, Joanne Small, Amelia Rowe
Race No.5 - Paul Gordon Hair Salon: Leanne Brown, Amelia Rowe, Paul Duff, Suzanne Jackson, Lynn Williamson, Donna Young, Yvonne Kirk, Austin Vause
Race No.6 - Andy Burnie: Kathrine Pellett, Amee Marsh, Suzanne Jackson, Yvonne Kirk, Austin Vause, Morris Young, Amelia Rowe, Leanne Brown
Race No.7 - Morris Young Motors: Kerry Vause, Yvonne Kirk, Morris Young, Amelia Rowe, Jackie Kirk, Amme Marsh, Donna Young, Kathrine Pellett
Race No.8 - Craig,Tracey,Josh: Joanne Small, Yvonne Kirk, Austin Vause, Morris young, Paul Bateson, Amelia Rowe, Marshall Family, Amme Marsh
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