Charity Fundraising Dounby Orkney

Event Date: 31 August

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Birsay Hall, Dounby, Orkney, United Kingdom

In Aid of: In Aid of Orkney Kidney Patient Association

Notes: Dounby shy ;-) get along to this fun event for a great cause. Peedy will be running the show and introducing the snails. There's 8 races and some great personalised snail names. The race night is in a 'U' film category which will suit a family audience yet still give the adults a laugh. 52 people attended and had fantastic fun. £800 was raised and a further £244 was made at the bar.

Testimonial: "Fantastic fun for all the family. We will host this fundeo type of event again." Lynn Tullock

Total Raised: £802

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Race 1: Brian, Grumpy, Harry Hurricane, Big D*ck (censored), Sticky Dicky, Palace Runner, Road Runner, Olaf
Race No.2 - Race 2: God Kens, Twatt Twister, Shelly, Simon, Weed Picker, Brian No 2, Nippy Nigel, Barony Boy
Race No.3 - Race 3: Speedy, Phill's Charger, The Challenger, Sponge Bob , No Idea, Legless Lesley, Galloping Gasttropod, Spanner
Race No.4 - Race 4: F*nny Hill (censored), Macca Roni, Lord Bailey, Tootie Frootie Tony, Merri Ben, Murphy, Oliver Clothesoff, Hugh Jarsol
Race No.5 - Race 5: Kalum, Birsay Boy, Anthony Asquith, Highland Rover, Jammy Dodger, Double Brandy, Jim Bob, Viva la Vida
Race No.6 - Race 6: Harry, All Gold, Dale Boy, Forest Gump, Cyril Swift, Scapa Spy, Bandit, Bolt
Race No.7 - Race 7: Howdy, Peedie House , Stewart o' Dale, Geordie Lad, Bursheeee Bullet, Sandwick Sprinter, Ola, Ryentino Rossi
Race No.8 - Race 8: Swannay Swagger, Hundland Humdinger, Marwick Marvel, Northside Nutter, Greeny Gobbler, Twatt Twanger, Palace Prancer, Beaquoy Bomb
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - TBD: Ali Clouston, Hamish Flett, D,D,R,L&B Hay, Ann Spence, Erin Atkinson, Ruth Matches, Dick Family, W & K Harcus
Race No.2 - TBD: Sheila Wood, Rena Johnston, Avril Hay, Margaret Phillips, Molly Atkinson, Mai Banks, Scarth Family, Tommy Matches
Race No.3 - TBD: Kay McNair, Phyllis Ballantyne, E & K Tullock, Stella Martin, S, M, J & K Spence, Lesley Harcus, Norquoy Family, Sheena Spence
Race No.4 - TBD: Sally Clouston, Ronnie Ballantyne, Duncan Tullock, Roy Martin, Hamish Benston, Paul Fraser, Aidan Nicolson, Kev Spence
Race No.5 - TBD: Ida Seator, Lee Coghill, Ony Tullock, Paul Martin, Phyllis Norquoy, Ann Spence, Connor Nicolson, Briony Spence
Race No.6 - TBD: Lorraine Work, Lee Coghill, Karen Garrick, Keira Irvine, Eddie Spence, Roslind Rosie, Fiona Thomson, Orla Spence
Race No.7 - TBD: Ingie Breck, B & V Johnston, Stewart Spence, Thorfinn Irvine, D & L Nicolson, Ryan & Scott Slater, G, J & R Harcus, Ryan Spence
Race No.8 - Grand Finale Prize: Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction
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