Charity Fundraising Race Night Wrexham

Event Date: 14 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Wrexham Lager Club , Wrexham, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Advance Brighter Futures - Mental Health Charity

Notes: This is an 8 snail race event charity fundraising for a great cause. Snail names are personalised and snail sponsors names are added to this pack and the lot is made up on a U category race night DVD. Get along here's a change to spend a whole evening surrounded by snails and lager- its going to be a fun fun night in the Lager Club. Update 60-70 turned out for a fantastic charity fundraising night enjoyed by all.

Testimonial: "Great fun and a fantastic way to raise funds." Lorrisa Roberts

Total Raised: £700

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Snail Trail: Bella, Lucky Les, Awkward Stacey, Turbo, Speedy, Rupert the Snail, Jammy Jimmy, Determined David
Race No.2 - The Devosa Derby: Wicked Wayne, Super Simie, Fast and Furious, Naughty Nancy, Big Bad Beavis, Blazing Becky, Tricky Tommy, Crafty Chris
Race No.3 - The iData Dash: Alfred, Brian, Zippy, Spicey Suzan, 3 Amigos, Wrexham, Desperate Dan, Indie Cindy
Race No.4 - Elliot & Stone Hurdles: Golden Girl, Wandering Willy, Wuf, Shelldon, Streamline, Nippy Nora, Timid Trevor, Hell for Leather
Race No.5 - The Fundeo Frolic: Afon Bendigedig , Hard Ass, Galloping Gordon, Sonic, Canny Kenny, Champion Chandler, Jumping Jacqui, Mad Morris
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: S Car Go, Cool Carl, Lettuce, Speed Star, Go Go Gonzo, Whydowomenhavelegs?, Nala Ate My Snail, Lounging Lennie
Race No.7 - The Grand Smashional: Oscar, Delyth Sharples, Raging Risa, Steady Eddie, Turbo, George, Blossom, No Frills Nana
Race No.8 - The iData Derby: Naughty Nick, Old Man Ian, Cheeky Cheryl, James the Great, Loopy Lauren, Mad Max, Andy Pandy, Justin Time
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Tyre Suppliers: Marianne Barber, Les Stamp, Julie & Stephen, Dylan Reid-Garrett, Beryl Green, Paul Davies, Becky Chandler, Dave Johansen
Race No.2 - Mike Devosa Building Services: Wayne Hatenboer, Simon Evans, Gary Pritchard, Andrew Jones, Sue Taylor, Becky Chandler, Mal Morris, Chris Jones
Race No.3 - iData: Karen Caples, Alison Shaw, Neil Green, Sue Taylor, Gary Pritchard, Tiggy Evans, Kath Chelton, Cindy Hellyn Jones
Race No.4 - Elliot & Stone The Tilers: Lorrisa Roberts, Sophia Hatenboer, Suzanne Williams, Stacey and Dom, Barry Evans, Kate Johansen, Sue Johansen, Dylan Hellyn
Race No.5 - iData: Nicola Green, Kath Chelton, Andrew Jones, Clare Evans, Sue Taylor, Becky Chandler, Jacqui Hellyn, Mal Morris
Race No.6 - iData: Paul Davies, Carl Hellyn, Ethan Evans, Lianne Preston, Sophia Hatenboer, James and Dom, Craig Roberts, Sue Taylor
Race No.7 - iData: Ginny, Nicola Green, Rhiannon Whitaker, Dawn Jones, Kate Newman, Delyth Sharples, Tony Davies, Evelyn Hellyn
Race No.8 - iData: Mystery 1, Mystery 2, Mystery 3, Mystery 4, Mystery 5, Mystery 6, Mystery 7, Mystery 8
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