Charity Fundraising Stratford Warks

Event Date: 23 November

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Wootton Wawen Village Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: The Wagen Trust

Notes: A 6 race event in a U film category production race night DVD with personalised snail names, sponsors names, race names and race sponsors names added. Update 60 people turned out and £900 was raised plus another £150 at the bar making £1050 in total. Enjoyed by all.

Testimonial: "Good entertainment - generated a lot of noise!" J.S. Lawton

Total Raised: £900

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Architects Handicap: Carolina Girl, Crunch Time, Rock on Tommy, Speedy Gonzalez, Jo Swift, Mickey Finn, Gardeners Helper, Turbo Tom
Race No.2 - The Snail Vision Express: Galloping Greek, WI Snail, Slippery Jack, Tail end Charlie, Rip van Winkle, Steady Eddie, Flying Fergus, Wait-a-mo
Race No.3 - The Ward Leys Cup: Slime Bag, Wawensmere Wanderer, Roaring Chows, Calamity Kate, Determined David, Hardy Harry, Tricky Tommy, Robert the Bruce
Race No.4 - The Snailectrix Stakes: Sheffield Stealer, Wootton Hunt Bob, Monty Don, Hill Top Trotter, Zoomer, Go-Escargo, Cool Carlos, Happy Henry
Race No.5 - The Howkins Harrison Handicap: Turbo, Catch me if you can, Luv your Lettuce, The Flyin Ryan, Belfry Belle, Green Smoothie, Cool Carlos, Happy Henry
Race No.6 - The Johnsons Slow Coach Stakes: Kinight in Armour, Sprinter Seal, Speedy Sam, Go-Go Gonzo, Toms Tempest, Motorcycle Michael, Bob, Punky Pete
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Reg Ellis and Associates: Helen Holt, Barry Philips, Linda and Dave, Roger Kagan, Shirley Smalley, Mike Flynn, Gayle Farr, The Clarks
Race No.2 - Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre: El Greco Restaurant, Sirley Davies, Brenda Hewitt, Peter Haddon, Sue Steele, ANO, The Farrells, Ginnie Pratt
Race No.3 - Sir Nick Scheele: Beth Lawton, Anne Johnson, John Bacchus, Kate Armstrong, ANO, ANO, ANO, Pam Kagan
Race No.4 - The Navigation Garage: The Holts, Janet Hill, ShirleySmalley, John Johnson, Zoe Armstrong, Sue Steele, ANO, ANO
Race No.5 - Howkins and Harrison: Daniel Armstrong, Peter Haddon, Roger Farr, Kieran Ryan, Keith Davies, Mark Pratt, ANO, ANO
Race No.6 - Johnsons Coaches: Beth Lawton, Bacchus family, Farrells, ANO, The Elliott family, MIKE Edeer, The Clarks, ANO
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