Charity Fundraising Race Night Northampton

Event Date: 28 June

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: The old school hall, School Lane, Harpole , Northampton, United Kingdom

In Aid of: World Challenge Fundraising Race Night

Notes: Eighty people attended this successful event for World Challenge in a 12+ film category and with personalised snail names. Great fun was had by all.

Total Raised: £520

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fabtronic Furnace: Outer Michelle, Son of Brian, Speedy, Simon, Mildred Mashup, Nicki Lynch, Vite, Jezabelle
Race No.2 - The Grand Smashional: Doo Dah, Shelley, The Toast of Botswana, Sammy, Sidney Snot, 101, John Lewis Queen, Shellwin
Race No.3 - The Fundeo Derby: Enemy of Zebedee, Lightning, Daniel, Pork Chop, Abseiling Queen, Snoopy, Floosey Furnace, Speedy Gonzalas
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Bryan, Shanekqua, Harry Hex Bug, Six Inch, Ed, Kit Kat, Ishell Walkit, The Horse
Race No.5 - The Fundeo Frolic: Sargeant Cluckington, I Love Salt, Bubba, Usain, Bob, Ermentrudes flower, Dancing Queen, Home Alone
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: Horse, Leonard, Mark, Rotary King, Tim 88, Joey, Josh, Innershell
Race No.7 - The Fundeo Crawl: Simon, Wrong Direction, Slug with a Shell, Redbull Slow Coach, Xavier, Slimer, Dan, Lisa
Race No.8 - The Fundeo Finale: Dotty Lottie, Isaac Innit, Sophia Mydear, Evie knievel, Matthews Mayhem, Lynch Pin, Davis Darlin, Classy Kent
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Fabtronic Group: The Clarke Family, The Jarvis Clan, Ann Davis, Len Potts, Sarah Kent, Already Home, Linda Gibbs, Elaine Brandon
Race No.2 - The Fabtronic Group: Max MacLeod, The Marlow Bunch, Isaac Davis, Glynis Miles, Ed Blencow, Christopher Billingham, Jan Allsop, The Clarke Family
Race No.3 - The Fabtronic Group: The Jarvis Clan, Tracey Davis, Maureen Potts, Sarah Trkulja, Sophia Kent, Jean Lynch, The Furnace Bunch, Danny Gibbs
Race No.4 - The Fabtronic Group: Eddie Slynn, Jasmine McCall, Harry Kent, Blake MacLeod, Nathan Davis, Katie Matthews, The Clarke Family, James Lock
Race No.5 - The Fabtronic Group: Aiden McCall, Martin Lynch, Sarah Trkulja, Scarlett Davis, Jack Walton, The Jarvis Clan, Nicki Carpenter, Colin Osborne
Race No.6 - The Fabtronic Group: Mr Coates, Evie Lynch, Mr Barrick, Peter Allsop, Sarah Trkulja, Marion Slinn, Josh Drinkwater, The Clarke Family
Race No.7 - The Butchers Block: Mr Barrick, The Calleran, Evie Lynch, Nicki Carpenter, Charlotte Matthews, Lily Kent, Edwin Slinn, Lisa Wright
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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