Charity Race Night Tasmania Australia

Event Date: 19 July

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Woolnorth Woolshed, Smithton, Tasmania, Australia

In Aid of: Beyond Blue Charity

Notes: A Charity Night of 4 Snail Races for after dinner entertainment and fundraising for Beyond Blue Charity which helps people recover from depression. The chosen pack is a Lucky Dip pack with enough tickets to cater for up to 400 people and allowing tickets to be dished out at the table. People will write their name on the tickets and after the racing all the tickets will be put in a pot and one ticket drawn. This winning ticket will be for a trip to the Melbourne Cup. The 4 race event is made up on a 15+ age category dvd with sub-titles added. We expect the molluscan medley should slip down well a an after dinner treat.

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