Club Fundraising Dumfriessshire

Event Date: 7 October

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Gretna FC 2008 Wee Bar , Gretna, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Family Fun Night

Total Raised: £700

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Funrace: Slime Runner, Snoop the Snail, Slippery Bob, Hard Shell, French Fantasy, Boring Bill, Slow Jock, Barney Rubbles
Race No.2 - Jakes Stakes: Jake The Pake, Gordons A Good un, Eilidhs Lass, Macey Grace, Dancing Dixie, Rhian Beattie, Tarry Arse, Lilly Pops
Race No.3 - Cherry Head Chase: Blacky, Wadgy Boy, Jacobs Boy, Dildo, Turbo Son, Shearer, Slow Motion, Egghead
Race No.4 - Golden Oldies: Rambo Run, Shellgar, Uslime Bolt, Outta Mshell, Speedy Gonzalez, Getamoveon, Lucy Lou, Gary
Race No.5 - Walkers Chase: Aldos Divers, Gibbos Runners, Piddles a Jigsaw, Willies Dream Team, Erics Wannabies, Reillys Bouyos, Fall Guy, Watch Ya Hamstring
Race No.6 - The Rome Stakes: Dynamic Maisie, Douie Wooie, Crazy Ben, Wee Monkey, Shelly, Sparky, Ruby Jess, Lightning Lorna
Race No.7 - The Volunteer Stakes: Grasscutter, Line Marker, Kitchen Attendant, Turnstile Operator, Programme Seller, Commercial Clerks, Video Operator, Stewards
Race No.8 - The Champions Hurdle: Winner Race 1, Winner Race 2, Winner Race 3, Winner Race 4, Winner Race 5, Winner Race 6, Winner Race 7, Auction Snail
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Cumbria Logistics Classic: Karl Unglass, Winston Vital, Mark Hampson, Dave Park, Nick Tait, Tony Bill, Dean Belford, Tony Barnfield
Race No.2 - Eileen Norman: Jake Beattie, Eileen Norman, Gordon Norman, Macey Beattie, Emma Beattie, Gareth Beattie, Nathan Brown, Eileen Norman
Race No.3 - GFC 2008 Players: Steven Black, Dan Wadge, Jake Smith, Dylan Atkinson, Kevin Connelly, Jordan Little, Kingsley Grandison, Jamie Hope
Race No.4 - Gretna Day Centre: Margaret Graham, Natalie Davidson, Bethany Davidson, Rebecca Davidson, Barry Davidson, Alison Hampson, Lucy Hampson, Reece Simpson
Race No.5 - Gretna 2008 Walking Football: Alan Muir, Mark Gibson, Paul Ewart, Willie Cairns, Eric Dunion, Chris Reilly, Alan Little, David White
Race No.6 - Rome Family: Maisie Watson, Chloe Watson, Simone Watson, Andrew Watson, Nicky Rome, Ellie Rome, Ruby Rome, Lorna Rome
Race No.7 - Kevin Smith: Maisie Watson, Chloe Watson, Ruby Rome, Maisie Watson, Ben Watson, Ruby Rome, Ben Watson, Chloe Watson
Race No.8 - Gretna FC 2008: , , , , , , ,
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