Charity Race Night Londonderry

Event Date: 1 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: The Dolphin Bar, Dungiven, Londonderry, Belfast, Ireland

In Aid of: Charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care

Notes: Charity Fundraising snail race night with personalised snail names and sponsors names added together with personalised race names and race sponsors names added. All made up on a 15+ age category race night dvd and with three sets of lucky dip tickets. With Peedy at the reins calling out all the snail names it is bound to go swimmingly ! Get along to see some mega molluscan mayhem! Update: A staggering fundraising success and great fun night enjoyed by all. Dungiven will never be the same again!

Testimonial: "We couldn't believe how much we raised for Marie Curie. We were amazed and delighted." Nikita Anderson

Total Raised: £4,100

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Funrace: Maisey, Fergie, Brian, Lightening, Thing 1, Silly Nail, Tazz, Smurf
Race No.2 - The Blighters: Dilly, Smiley, Gibb, Usain Bolt, Brohán, Sparky , Simon, Louis
Race No.3 - The Grand Smashional : Wild Man , Mouse, Flasher , Jimmy, Blight , Turbo , Benny, Chevy
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell : Ayra, Shell Shock, Harry, Ballyhargan Hornet , Moores Electrics , Caracolita, Slow as Eff, Wee Turbo
Race No.5 - Nannas 3: Morton , Bruce, Norris, Turbo Boost, Mr Snoodles , Cortina, Timber Fell, Charlie's Angel
Race No.6 - DSC Hydraulic Services: Slow Coach , Creep , One Hair Studio , Daddy Long Legs , Jim Bean , Ranglass , Sugar, Fluff
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - IMAC Facilities : Mary Ferguson , Elaine Ferguson, Karen Campbell, Shauna Grieve, Lousie Grieve, Danielle Bradley, Catherine Rodgers, Wilma/Siobhan Murphy
Race No.2 - Errigal Contracts: Claudia Mc Aleese, Huggy Mc Aleese, Donal Brolly , Declan Deighan, Gavin Burke , Paul Mullan, Jo O'Reilly, Kevin O'Reilly
Race No.3 - Burkes Shed: KevinBarry Burke , Michael O'Kane , Pasty Ferris , Nolene Burke , Mickey Mc Closkey, Maria Mc Closkey, Barney Hassan, Nuala Hassan
Race No.4 - Avex Cable Jointing: Teresa Anderson, Anne Mc Tohill , Liam Mc Closkey, Roisin O'Hara , Rhonda Moore, Marian O'Hara, Martin O'Hara, Wee Patsy Burke
Race No.5 - Sportsman Inn : Jacinta O'Kane , Shauna/Sean Murphy, Adelle Hasson, Eunan O'Hara , Donna Burke, Martina Bell, Bell, Charlie O'Kane
Race No.6 - Bendy Beech Road: Charlene Mc Laughlin, Shona Mc Laughlin, Colleen O'Reilly , Brian Mc Manus, Emma Mc Feely, Kathleen Mc Macken , Eileen O'Kane , Jie Burke
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