Charity Race Night Gloucestershire

Event Date: 16 September

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Sherdons Golf Club, Treddington Tewkesbury, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Charity

Notes: This is a fundeo night of snail racing with 6 races on a personalised film with snails names and sponsors names added and introduced by our virtual host. Slip along for a great fun night of molluscan mayhem. UPDATE: Rated very good/ excellent on all fronts this event was attended by 75 people who had a great time and raised £1000 for a great cause.

Testimonial: "A fun way to raise money. Enjoyed by both young and old. a very entertaining evening was had by all." Diana S.

Total Raised: £1,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Yew Tree Farm Hurdles: Escargot go go, Tasty Starter, Galloping Gordon, Fearless Philip, Crusty Boy, Wicket Willy, Naughty Nick, Garlick Garnish
Race No.2 - The Vines Stakes: Deeply Booper, Slimed Sid, Trail Blazer, Dusty Carpet, Toy Town, Crusher, HS2, Splodge
Race No.3 - Laytown Maiden Stakes: The Surprise Gift, Sticky Wicket, But we are family, Shell we dance, Nippy Niamph, Walk this way, Snail McSnailface, Inse Bay
Race No.4 - Nightmare Race: Slither, Rock a Long, Hanky Panky, Daisy, Flash Harry, Zippy, Sidney, Bert
Race No.5 - The ODea Steeplechase: Jumping Jake, Easy Bro, Cracking Ciara, Happy Harry, Thomas the Tryer, Dancing Daisy, Benji Boy, Mighty Mary
Race No.6 - The Retriever Cup: Rosie Lee, Daisy Bug, The Black Windmill, Slimey Trail, Brian, Coco, Penelope Pitstop, Flying Dutchman
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Philip & Diana Surman: Robert Vines, Mary Vines, Rachel McGrail, Rebecca Vines, Andy Greening, Bob ODea, ,
Race No.2 - Robert &a Mary Vines: Diana Surman, Eugene Wasylkiw, Philip Surman, Lara Surman, Judy Greening, Robert Kemp, Mary Kemp, Terry & Kate Spencer
Race No.3 - E & C Wasylkiw: Jenny Fletcher, Sue Sedgwick, Neil Harris, Denise Cooke, Barbara Surman, Eve Griffith, Amanda Harris, Bob ODea
Race No.4 - Ruth & Harry Turbyfield: For sale, Katie, For sale, Ruth Hatton, For sale, Harry Turbyfield, For sale, For sale
Race No.5 - Bob & Mary ODea: Barbara Surman, Dana Wasylkiw, Jenny Fletcher, John Sedgwick, Barbara Surman, Olivia, Martyn Banks, Mary ODea
Race No.6 - Mike & Gill Blackwell: Mike & Gill Blackwel, Mrs Cheryl Warner, DRM & MGB, Mrs Gill Blackwell, Mrs Tina Holland, Dave Price, Mike Blackwell, Dave Holland
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