Charity Race Night Peterborough Cambs

Event Date: 14 June

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Marquee On The Green , Peterborough, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Festival On The Green -Charity fundraising

Notes: A 12+ age group event held in a marquee on the green and a fantastic fun audience. A enterprising and great idea for a carnival atmosphere.

Testimonial: "Fundeo Snail Racing at our annual community festival went down a storm, with 200 people cheering them on. We'll have to do it all again next year!!" David Squire

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Botolph Arms Staff Race: Botolph Billy, Mighty Michael, Greyhound Gary, Hurrying Hannah, Friendly Face, Alessandro, Nimble Nina, Greyhound Graham
Race No.2 - The Wakerley Wriggle Race: Hotfoot, Greyhound Gordon, Violet, Seadog Slowpoke, Helium Harriet, Wendy Wiggle, Gianmarco, Beyond Technology
Race No.3 - Escargot Handicap: Mixed Up Melanie, Pacey Pavel, Muscly Mark, Racy Ralph, Determined David, Greyhound Gavin, Freaky Frank, Mad Morris
Race No.4 - Postcrete Stakes: Crunch, Forever Young, Snailextric, Barksby, Avoiding The Thrush, Fat Boy Slime, Radar, Snailgar
Race No.5 - Jade Builders Speedy Sprint: Jade Speed Demon, Timid Trevor, Nasty Nick, Greyhound Glen, Canny Kenny, Jade Rocket, Rocking Ricardo, Winging Wong
Race No.6 - Hybrid Performance Cup: Gill Gastropod, Flatout Freddy, Jumping Jack, Greyhound Garth, Basher Bob, Perfect Performance, Tasty Torben, Lounging Lennie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Botolph Arms: The Botolph Arms, Michael Hampshaw, Fengate Racing, Hannah Bowcutt, Hannahs Friend, Marco Cereste, Nina Gill, Fengate Racing
Race No.2 - Carrie Bye Health And Safety: Lynette Hare, Fengate Racing, Carrie Bye, Garrine S, Harriet Miller, Wendy Squire, Marco Cereste, Kelway
Race No.3 - The Allen Family: , , , Ralph Allen, , Fengate Racing, ,
Race No.4 - Lafarge Tarmac: Gores, Nico, Youngs, Spears, Murphys, Barks, McCann, Griff-Mitch
Race No.5 - Jade Building Services Ltd: Jade Builders, , , Fengate Racing, , Jade Builders, ,
Race No.6 - Hybrid Performance Training: James Gill, James Gill, , Fengate Racing, , Hybrid Performance, ,
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