Charity Fundraising Tyneside

Event Date: 2 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Redcar Rugby Club, Redcar, United Kingdom

In Aid of: NEST TKD & Marina Leiper European Championship Fundraising night

Notes: Come along to our fundeo night with 8 fun snail racing races and Peedy the virtual on-screen host introducing all of the snails and sponsors. UPDATE: 50 people turned out for a fantastic evening that raised over £1100 in funds and everyone had an excellent time.

Testimonial: "Another fantastic night with lots of fun, laughter and money raised.," Christopher B.

Total Raised: £1,100

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - NEST TKD Cup: Chris-tacen, Mad Marina, Whitby Winkler, Rickerty Rixx, Scarborough Scare, Pickering Plod, Uni Cyclist, Toy Solider Perrie
Race No.2 - The Beacon Bash: Bully Brent, Alexi-Seltzer, Zac Zoom, Henry T Hoover, Asprin T Snail, Peedy Pie, Slim Jim, Guy Guido
Race No.3 - The McCulloch Mile: The Flying Cesco, Kit Kat Kate, Eazy Emma, Unicorn Chaser, Sophie Snail, Fat Boy Slime, Helen the Hopper, Mighty Mollusc
Race No.4 - Home in One Derby: Mia the Menace, I am the Winner, Lucky Luke, Racy Rachael, Holly Holly Holly, Jed Dye, Noah where to go, Thirsty Thirsk
Race No.5 - The Graphic Gallop: Mighty Mike, Que Sa-rah Sa-rah, Runaway Rowan, Hazelnut Truffle, SIgn me up!, Imagine Imogen, Jumpy Jack, Naughty Nick
Race No.6 - The Endeavour Endurance : Dandy Dave, Teesside Terror, Fraser Lazer, Outer Michelle, Ann ie old Iron, Smasha De Shell, Brainy Brian, Bouncing Bob
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - NEST Teeside & North Yorkshire: Chris Black, Marina Leiper, Tyke Mike, Rick Bairstow, NEST North Yorkshire, NEST North Yorkshire, Brian Masterton, John Doe
Race No.2 - The Beacon Lounge Bar: Matthew Nesbitt, Alex Esplin, Zac Dunn, Henry Leiper, NEST North Yorkshire, Mike Tyke, Harry Jones, Guy Allen
Race No.3 - McCulloch Family: Marc Matthews, Kate Keiper, Emma Wollaston, Imogen Black, Issac Bilton, Monty & Opel Ridgway, Kemi Adelaja, Matthew Leiper
Race No.4 - Saltburn Mini Golf: Mia Lewis, Evan Jones, Elizabeth Wood, Rachael Black, Luke Pearson, Locke Conry, Amy Meadows, Andrew Clare
Race No.5 - Graphic Solutions: Amy Heerin, Amy Heerin, Bodhi Nary, Gracie-Mae, NEST North Yorkshire, Pamela Leech, Jack Matthews, Nick Leiper
Race No.6 - Endeavour Leisure Group: Cole Addison, Alan Malloney, Fraser Black, Elizabeth Wood, Anne Evans, Finn Brown, Brian Masterton, Alex Esplin
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