Charity Roach Race Night Yorks

Event Date: 11 October

Event Type: Roach Race Night

Venue: Roberttown WMC, Hartshead, Yorks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fundraising for B.Baggins Foundation for Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

Notes: An 8 race fundeo roach race night for charity fundraising made up on a 15 + age category race night dvd with roach names and roach sponsors names added and with personalised race and race sponsors names. Update 200 turned out for this event which was rated a great success and everyone had a great time. £600 was raised with the roach racing plus an extra £140 in a raffle on the night.

Testimonial: "A unique event for the whole family to enjoy!" Beverley Swales

Total Raised: £600

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Terriers Cup: Rubber Roach, Rolo the Roach, Tommy, Papa Roach, Gregor, Speedy Gon Gerrups, Richard Roach, Crawl Lewis
Race No.2 - Palmer Gold Cup: Raid Runner, Frank, Hargreaves Hussle, Oli Long Legs, Come On!, Numero Uno, Brian, Dean's Fortieth
Race No.3 - Giant Stakes: Adrian Scuttle, Douglas, Riley Roach, Roach Runner, Joshster, Zoom, Revive Me, Pat Nav
Race No.4 - The Orange Cup: Domino Flyer, Donny's Delight, Natty Nate, Halfman Halfbiscuit, Ruby Duby, Outstanding Oliver, Red-Dazzler, Cafe Corner
Race No.5 - The Dick Dastardly Stakes: Anthill Mob, Papa Roach, Ryan the Roach, Gnarly Harley, Freddie Roach, Fanaby Finkle, Garry's Gallop, Speedy Gon Roachy
Race No.6 - The PJ's Fitness Stakes: Superslimmer, Taproom, Hunsworth, Don't Step on Me, Stinky, Blaberus Discoidalis, Ayda Bug, Roach Runner
Race No.7 - Gallys Gallop: Splat Roach, Haribo, Jack Sprat Rug Rat, Wans Wanished, Benbo Baggins, Sambo Knicker Fart, Sway My Way, Kimbleberry
Race No.8 - B Baggins Junior Championships: Millies Miracle, Awesome Aimee, Enchanting Evie, Rocking Riley, Hilarious Harley, Outstanding Oliver, Adventurous Ayda, Jolly Josh
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Roberttown Working Mens Club: Roberttown WMC, Mick Lawford, Jeanette Bruce, Family Swales, S and B Gledhill, Gerald Swales, Liam Swales, Eddy Walton
Race No.2 - Darren Palmer: The Swales Gledhills, Sam Booth, The Hargreaves, Oliver Firth, Elsie Gallagher, Family Swales, Paul Walton, Dean Pearce
Race No.3 - Edmondsons IT: Ben Booth, The Jinxy's, Riley Swales, Edmondsons IT, Family Swales, Evie S G, Revive Heckmondwike, Pat Revill
Race No.4 - Sainsbury's: Tammy Sanders, Dawn Harding, Clare Higgins, Ian Walton, Sharon Brown, Jo Conoby-Gibb, Giovanna Algar, Sue Jackson
Race No.5 - Shaun Denham: Shaun Denham, Ellie Walton, Millie Booth, Harley Swales, Family Swales, Ellie Swales, Gary Barlow, Jack Booth
Race No.6 - PJ's Health & Fitness Village: Roberttown SlimmingW, The Taproom Batley, SlimmingW Hunsworth, Ian McArthur, Maggie McArthur, Becky McArthur, Ayda Swales, Booth Clan
Race No.7 - Pat Revill: Jackie Lawford, Aimee S G, Jack Booth, Ellie Swales, Ben Booth, Sam Booth, Liam Swales, Kim Roddis
Race No.8 - B Baggins Foundation for LGMD: Millie Booth, Aimee SwalesGledhill, Evie Swales Gledhill, Riley Swales, Harley Swales, Oliver Firth, Ayda Swales, Joshua Swales
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