Charity & School Fundraising Norfolk

Event Date: 23 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: JRM All Ranks Function Suite RAF Marham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom

In Aid of: RAF Benevolent Fund & Carbrooke Pre-School

Notes: A six race snail racing night with personalised snail names and sponsors names added. All made up on a 15 age category race night dvd for a great fun event. Take off is on Wednesday 23rd April - don't miss! Update: There was a lower attendance than hoped for with just 30 turning out but this didn't stop those that did having a great night. £350 was raised plus another £150 at the bar to boot.

Total Raised: £350

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The ISS Funrace: Big Bad Barry, Casanova, Trevor Tri-pod, Jungle Jane, Magic Martin, Galoping Dan, Charismatic Cliff, Dawdling Daniel
Race No.2 - The Grand Smashional: Speedy Shamrock, Bubbly Lou Lou, Crazy Chick, Naughty Doris, Big Bad Beavis, Steady Eddie, Terrible Rooney Roo, Monsieurhorsd'oeuvre
Race No.3 - The ISS Derby: Madame Shelley, Ollie, Roundabout Brian, Motoring Dutton, Gerrard, MG Racer, Freaky Frank, The Swedish Chef
Race No.4 - The ISS Gold Shell: Little Fish, Lazy Liam, Inter my Nan, Number 1, Road Runner, Zorba, Captain Quick, Active Akihiko
Race No.5 - The ISS Frolic: Cheese Please, Timid Trevor, Feckin Chicken Thigh, Outstanding Orinoko, Canny Kelly, Valentino Apples, Spunk Bubble, Smelly Mel
Race No.6 - The PSF Cup: Mixed Up Melanie, Pacey Pavel, Muscly Mark, Mouthy Morten, Determined David, Hardy Harry, Frolicking Frank, Mad Morris
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - ISS Defence: Barry Austin, Tom Burrell, Adam Williams, Jane Williams, Martin English, Dan Cook, Cliff Freeman, Tilly Scott
Race No.2 - ISS Defence: Charlie McGonigle, Louise Lyon, Carla Atkin, Carol Gray, Chris Beavis, Andy Hollingsworth, Sian Rooney, Sarah Richter
Race No.3 - ISS Defence: Sarah Richter, Kirsty and Andrew, Richie Casey, Kyle Dutton, Michelle Ward, Mick Gargett, Brooksy, Jason Woollett
Race No.4 - ISS Defence: Mike Salmon, Reece and Ems, Nashy, Finny, Steve Allen, Di Sexton, Phil Adlington, Daz Rose
Race No.5 - ISS Defence: Jermaine Rudd, Al Little, Adam Warner, Alex Dougall, Paul Kelly, Keith Appleyard, John Parr, Finny's Wife
Race No.6 - ISS Defence: Si and Baz, Alex and Rosie, Lauren and Ali, Steph and Steph, Gaynor and Bond, Anne and Anne, Tash and Lizzie, Kirsty and Julie
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