Christmas Party Race Night London

Event Date: 21 February

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: The Crowne Plaza - London Heathrow, London, United Kingdom

In Aid of: OSMANIA Fun and fundraising

Notes: This is a 6 race event for party fun and Osmania fundraising- and it's a late Christmas party too. A one-game bingo pack is also included for extra entertainment. The event will be for about 150 people and the names of the snails in the races have been personalised. The snail racing show is made up on a 15+ age category DVD and a Christmas theme is requested. The molluscan mayhem on the cards should slip down a treat! UPDATE: 130 people turned out for this successful fun - and fundraising event with £500 raised

Testimonial: "Fun for small or large groups while you fundraise - very imaginative." Karen Taylor

Total Raised: £500

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Funrace: Friendly Fran, Athletic Angela, Trying Tina, Spicey Shani, Happy Helen, Galloping Gray, Tricky Teresa, Dawdling Denise
Race No.2 - The Grand Smashional: Mopey Maria, Bubbly Blink, Cool Carol, Naughty Nigel, Big Bad Billy, Steady Wendy, Terrible Tony, Gormless Girl
Race No.3 - The Fundeo Derby: Mixed Up Marie, Pacey Pauline, Muscly Miller, Motoring Martin, Determined David, Hardy Helen, Freaky Fan, Mad Mandy
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Crafty Carol, Lazy Linda, Punky Pete, Bouncing Brian, Diving David, Silicon Sue, Dodgy Deidre, Active Alan
Race No.5 - The Fundeo Frolic: Average Ash, Timid Taylor, Nasty Nick, Outstanding Osmonds, Canny Chris, Escargot Jackie, Rocking Richard, Winging Wendy
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Jay Osmond, Donny Osmond, Jimmy Osmond, Marie Osmond , The Two Karens
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
Race No.2 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
Race No.3 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
Race No.4 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
Race No.5 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
Race No.6 - OSMANIA: , , , , , , ,
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