Club Race Night Fundraiser Kent

Event Date: 20 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Sports Club, New Ash Green, United Kingdom

In Aid of: New Ash Green Junior Football Club

Notes: 60 people attended this event with a 15+ age certificate race night dvd and snail names and sponsors added. Great fun was had by all and there were some great names for the snails.

Total Raised: £750

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Sparkles Premier Cleaning: Slimey Sam, Slippery Sid, It's Nailed On, Slow 'n Easy, It's Snail or Never, Speedy Stevie, Urry Arry, Super Snail
Race No.2 - GFS: P 45, Pinks, Shamblam Kapow, Always B Louie, Eddie, Sweet Sixteen, Bulldog, War Babie
Race No.3 - Thank the Lord for Nigel Chase: Slippery Sam, Fat Boy Slime, Naughty Nigel, Hoof Hearted , Shell Gar, Slow Like Ben, In the Lead, Pies
Race No.4 - NAG Attack: Shellie, Bentie, Big Ben, Slim, Percy, Shady, Drill Sergeant, Lightning Rod
Race No.5 - Snail of the Century Stakes: Escargot, Shell Me More, Won by a Neck, Catch Me If You Can, Shell We Dance, Didiwin, Slow Coach, What's the Hurry
Race No.6 - Somerset Crew: Henry, Havey, Frankie Fantastic, The GearThe Gear Mister, Do U Know Who I Am, Yebus, I am A Sihk, Mr Bright Side
Race No.7 - Will Need to Be Quick Hurdle: COYS, Fernando, Bert Puttocks, No F in Chance, Good with Garlic, Snailextrix, Turbo Ted, Norfolk and Chance
Race No.8 - New Ash Green JFC Members Stakes: Bob, Robin, David, Lisa, Adrian, Tara, Tony, Ben
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Under 7 Squad: Jake Forest, Kieran Lloyns, Alex Sadler, Wills Stener, Oliver Wiszk, Mark Wiszk, Bodhi Holland, Jodie Wiszk
Race No.2 - Nicci Harris: Sunny, Lisa Pinkham, Ben, Kat Smith, Nicci Harris, Lexi, Luice, Connie Hamshare
Race No.3 - Under 10 Squad: Sam Donegan, James Donegan, Nigel Donegan, Nigel Donegan, Liam Burr, George Welsh, Liam Burr, Nigel Donegan
Race No.4 - Under 9 Squad: Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad, Under 9 Squad
Race No.5 - The Mighty Under 15's : Bailey Hall, Jack Percy, Matthew Ryan, Dylan Clucas, Chris Cooper, Patrick Keane, Ryan Harley, Charlie Purkiss
Race No.6 - Eddie: Henry, Havey, Frankie Solliden, Aron, Harris, Ben, Judge, Pinks and Nutter
Race No.7 - Under 13 Squad: George Sumner, Charlie Edmeades, Sid Huckett, Sid Huckett, Jordan Divkov, Tom Harrington, George Sumner, Nigel Donegan
Race No.8 - The Chairman: The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman, The Chairman
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