Club Fundraising Newark Notts

Event Date: 10 August

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Flowserve Sports & Social Club, New Balderton, Newark-0n-Trent, Notts, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Refurbishment of Club

Notes: A 'U' film category event with sponsors names added and eight races of escargot escapades. This went down a treat for the audience of 60 plus people who loved it. Veteran fundeo snail racer Chrissy Mills organised the event.

Testimonial: "Loved it - AGAIN !!!" Chrissy Mills

Total Raised: £300

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Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Lily May: Lee Barker, Andrew Beasley, Bailey Pearson, Ed Crampton, Adam Hickman, Wayne Price, Jodie Reed, Pete Moody
Race No.2 - KJ Hair & Beauty: Ann Keane, Hayley Teague, John Ginnelly, Dave Hossack, Paul Baines, Lily May , Ian Hossack, Sally Baines
Race No.3 - N V US Cards: Stephen Keane, Anthony Teague, Mick Moody, Beck Alder, Kerrie Ginnelly, Adam Mills, Leo, Dave The Oiler
Race No.4 - Towny & Chrissy: Dave Goddard, John Kempson, Nick Morley, Shaun Lamb, Lisa Mayes, Towny, Geoff Hindson, Chelsea
Race No.5 - : Chrissy Mills, Neville Thorpe, Lucy Morley, H&A Teague, Lily May, Pato, Brian Robb, Pete Moody
Race No.6 - : Bec Alder, John Mills, Katie Mills, Sarah Checkley, Barry Mayes, Duncan Gee, Sally Blankley, Dave Cattley
Race No.7 - Mills & Boobs: Adam Mills, Mark Baker, Stacy Mills, Kelly Charters, Trevor Sale, Pato, Margaret Redfern, Mick Moody
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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