Club fundraising race night Arbroath Angus

Event Date: 13 June

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: NewGate Bar , Arbroath, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Arbroath Gymnastics Club

Notes: An 8 race snail racing event , with extra tickets and snail names and snail sponsors names added and races named too. All made up in a 15 age category race night dvd for a fun night of molluscan mayhem in the NewGate Bar. Update: 40-50 people turned out for the racing and £709 was raised on the racing plus £150 on a raffle with everyone enjoying the night.

Total Raised: £860

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - DMBS Sprint: Norfolk Enchants, True Blue, Christopher, Slug N Shell, Zippy, Galloping Gordon, Servus Wibutter, Nitro Norrie
Race No.2 - Broughty Ferry Handicap: The Kizzy Cruiser, Yo Sammedy Sam, The Conductor, Smurf, Sid the Snail, Saz, Markie Moo, The Rover
Race No.3 - The Taxi Derby: The Rover, Horace, Sammy, Speedie, Olly, Rocket, Humphry, Tack it Easy
Race No.4 - Tiny Tots Toddle: Prawn, Sydney, Chug A Slug, Slime-Ball, Usain, Beamer, Mini Handspringer, Windy
Race No.5 - The Necs Race: The Hoops, Somersaulting Star, Burco, Dusty, Drawrod II, Pepsi 2, Tanmar, Amahomo
Race No.6 - The Haddock Hurdle: Bellevue Babe, Charley Bear, D L Dynamo, Keltess, My Face, Josephine, Shahoorsir, Provost of Muchty
Race No.7 - Garlic Butter Hurdle: Supersonic, Pacey Patrick, Triumph, Koda1, Koda2, Koda3, Koda4, Bob
Race No.8 - Dynamo: Pirouetting Pamela, Cartwheel Caitlin, Tucking Taylor, Coreys Cody, Rachel Rudolph, Adi Ash, Crash Dive Kirsty, Mounting Mark
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - D M Building Services: Dave Sim, Wayne Richardson, Doris McCrank, Mel McCombie, Janet Rainey, Lynsey Ryatt, Lorna Thomson, Erin Henderson
Race No.2 - Mike Swan: Kizzy, Ryan Vannet, CJ Vannet, Angus McColl, Stacey McColl, Sarah Kennedy, Irene Kennedy, Dick Balfour
Race No.3 - Arbroath Taxis: Dick Balfour, Alex Spink, Mary Moug, Karen Spink, Lynn Duncan, Sandra Swan, Eve Swan, Mike Swan
Race No.4 - Tiny Tots Creche: Fraser Swan, Andrew Spink, Margaret Leith, Abe Duthie, Corey Pinder, Eileen Pinder, Pamela Methven, Denise Methven
Race No.5 - North East Contracts: Martin Ross, Kirsty Ross, Bruce Methven, Reg & Pam Miller, Allan Dorward, Sandra Dorward, Dana Mitaill, Mark wood
Race No.6 - The Golden Haddock: Kim Burnett, Charley Burnett, Brian Craig, Heid, John McCrank, Emilie McCrank, Wayne Roberts, Jim Stewart
Race No.7 - Lever Training Ltd: Elaine Makien, Ella Makein, Ian Forbes, Alison Cresswell, Alison Cresswell, Alison Cresswell, Alison Cresswell, Danielle Wood
Race No.8 - Newgate Bar: , , , , , , ,
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