Club Fundraising Snail Race Night Bedford

Event Date: 28 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Westoning Recreation Club , Westoning, Bedford, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Westoning Recreation Club Development of Facilities

Notes: An 8 race event in a 12 age group category race night dvd with names and sponsors names added and speech bubbles for Peedy parrot. Promises a fun family event raising funds for development of the Westoning Recreation Club facilities- with new changing rooms etc. Slip along if you can for a mammoth amount of molluscan mayhem washed down by copious amounts of liquid refreshment from the bar.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - chairmans championship cup: mik rik, joy bells, amie beauty, george boy, jake the lad, rockin ruth, kanny keith, westy boy
Race No.2 - moluskintyre plate: bevo, sheldon, simon, mac attack, crusher, paulo di snailio, hard as snails, snail and pace
Race No.3 - shellgar handicap: norfolk n good, super slug, snail trail, snailextrix, slimeball, good with garlic, crustacian kid, so slow
Race No.4 - mollusc chase: brian, ermintrude, shelly, slip n slide, dead slow, silver trail, salty, top bombing
Race No.5 - smasha deschell crawl: slow but sure, the slime machine, silver streak, shakin stevens, crunch mobile, fat boy slime, ed start, nimrod
Race No.6 - ishell walkit trophy: brians trail, moving house, seb vetteel, elvis, va va voom, sir alex, red stiletto, machem express
Race No.7 - The Fundeo Crawl: slimer of the year, in the lead, at the back, no f in chance, oliver clothesoff, quick sliver, phil hatio, crunch
Race No.8 - Thslimeball slither: snail and chips, simple slimeman, peggy babcock, snailed it, silver slime, slime to the top, ed the snail, entertaining eddi
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - mick west: mick west, joy west, amie pedder, george pedder, jake west, ruth brewer, keith west, mick west
Race No.2 - deacons butchers: john smith, colin holmes, david 'gables', stephen rose, martin solomon, mens darts team, amber wilson, kevin hedges
Race No.3 - ab cars: neil bassett, andy bassett, julie bassett, alan gilham, simon pedder, kelsey bassett, brenda raymond, dot bassett
Race No.4 - edwards beers: carl lowe, margaret lowe, robby 'pool team', ben dashwood, joe flavell, alan smith, kevin scott, chris ferris
Race No.5 - edwards beers: kim pedder, joy west, carol wood, janette stevens, donna buonpane, stephen rose, sara-jane davies, stacey wilson
Race No.6 - incepta risk management: stephen rose, alison bell, lewis wilson, glen cooksley, tony buonpane, david 'gables', leanne galloway, darren mac
Race No.7 - snailpace vase: rec club, mens darts team, stephen rose, rec club, rec club, graham protheroe, alva eaton, chris ferris
Race No.8 - incepta risk management: lucy barnes, darren barnes, joanna foster, libby barnes, harry barnes, alex jeeves, stephen rose, recreation club
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