Presentation Evening Race Night Fundraiser

Event Date: 20 September

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Elworth Cricket Club, Sandbach, Cheshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cricket Club Presentation Evening Fundraiser

Notes: A presentation evening fundraiser with 8 snail races on a fully personalised race night dvd with speech bubbles. All in a 'U' certificate age category. Update: Event was great success

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Garlic Stakes: Turbo, Zoe Zoom, Flying Fernado, Slippery Slips, Slimebolt Sid, Bob, Slug'in a Hard Hat, Silly Snail
Race No.2 - Islay and the Garvies Cup: Brain Deaded, Bolt, Flying Fernado, Slippery Slips, Bob, Running Bomb, No Direction , Vaanish
Race No.3 - The Webb's L'Escargot Steaks: Billy Bob, Snot, BezBez, Flying Fernado, Slippery Slips, Bob, Eggy Eggmundson, The Legend
Race No.4 - Embroider's Gold Cup: Stevo, Take It Easy, Go Fast, She Sells Seashells, Chicken Pie, Flying Fernado, Slippery Slips, She'll Be Mine
Race No.5 - Chemist Counter Direct Stakes: Red Rum, Keith, Buzy Izzy, Red Lory Yellow Lory, Messi, Slow Farrah, Bob, Slippery Slips
Race No.6 - Shell Powered Race: Blue Moon , Tikka Tom, Pallet, Bridezilla, Balti Ben, Slippery Slips, Golden Duck, Paddy Power
Race No.7 - Beetles Melody Medley Auction: Please Please Me, Love Me Do, Help, Yellow Submarine, All You Need Is Love, Here Comes The Sun, Yesterday, Let It Be
Race No.8 - Elworth 2013 Centenary Cup: Moving House, L'Escargot, Crunchy Under Foot, Michelle, Vernon Victor, Adagio, Robert Beech, Geoffrey Boycott
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Liz & Mike Robinson: Tracy Dawson, Oliver Beswick, Fernado Family, Simon Lehay, Mike Webb, Jorge Garvie, Mike Robinson, Bethan Robinson
Race No.2 - Andy Garvie: Parish Designs, Tracy Dawson, Fernado Family, Simon Lehay, Jorge Garvie, Oliver Webb, Carol Dray, Liz Robinson
Race No.3 - The Webb Family: Parish Designs, Tracy Dawson, Oliver Beswick, Fernado Family, Simon Lehay, Jorge Garvie, Oliver Webb, Paul Reel
Race No.4 - Parish Designs: Alistair Stephenson, Derrick Williams, Brian Williams, Parish Designs, Tracy Dawson, Fernado Family, Simon Lehay, Yvonne Webb
Race No.5 - Paul & Clare Reel: Alistair Stephenson, Sam Baldwin, Liz Smith, Parish Designs, Tracy Dawson , Alex Robinson, Jorge Garvie, Simon Lehay
Race No.6 - Beswick Relocation Services: Liz Smith, Tom Curry, Tracy Dawson, Jane Baldwin, Ben Curry, Simon Lehay, Charlie Smith, Paul Reel
Race No.7 - ATSS Ltd: , , , , , , ,
Race No.8 - The Papa Bears: Alan Morgan, Penny Stephenson, David Buckley, Pete Lomas, Mike Hasprey, Alan Littlemore, K Underwood & Matt B, Beechy & Robbo Cop
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