Club Fundraising Race Night Forfar Angus

Event Date: 18 May

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Club 1, Forfar, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Forfar Boys Under 13s

Notes: Club fundraising race night with 6 races and snail names and sponsors names added and a set of lucky dip tickets and sub-titles added. All made up in a U film certificate for family fun. Slip along! Update : 40 people turned out for a fantastic event with £400 raised.

Testimonial: "As usual everyone had a fantastic time with the snail race. Everyone had a great laugh." Pamela Balfour

Total Raised: £400

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Garbage Grand Prix: Rancid Sid, Snailer Trailer, Speedy Gonzalez, Chucky, Rocket Ronnie, Lightning Lenny, Boab The Bullet, Shellsuit Sean
Race No.2 - Hannams Hairy Hurdles: Mars Bar, Joey Essex, Jet, Aaron, Carrie's Crawler, Yule Log, Kelmanator, Loupy Lou
Race No.3 - The Reidy Races: Mobile Snotters, Escargot, Slippery Sam, Sna'ba, Snail, Deutsche Schneke, Rascal Rachel, Slug it Out
Race No.4 - Keep on Choppin': Laughing Linda, Zoom, Azzy Momo, Kev D'Koc, Dash Dogg, Gogo, Speedy Gonzalez, Shell we Dance
Race No.5 - Torpedo Run: Crunchie, Jake Bugg, Tornado, Slimy Sid, Phunky Phill, Celtic Bhoy, When Harry met Sarah, Pump It Up
Race No.6 - Jack N Nory: Grandad Jim, Turbo, Mo, Slippery Wee Bugger, Alfie Tait, Speedy Lewis, Steady Eddie, Just a Big Buckie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Specsavers Forfar: Daniel Forbes, Brian Clark, Adrian White, Ann Davidson, Derek Miller, Hazel Murray, Alison Neave, Amanda Tait
Race No.2 - Hannams: Maria McSherry, Jill Clark, The Davisons, Karen Morrison, Stuart Wilson, Paul Yule, Neil Kelman, Lindsey Fleming
Race No.3 - The Old Reid Park Bar: Donald Forbes, Brian Clark, Robin Liz Millar, Scott Davidson, Ewan Miller, Kirsty Rae, Alison Neave, Paul Tait
Race No.4 - Stef's Barbers: Linda Campbell, The Davisons, Brian Morrison, Rikki Balfour, Lewis McSherry, Paul Yule, Rachel Kelman, Cameron Fleming
Race No.5 - S and D Taylor: Audrey Forbes, Steve McSherry, Alan White, Craig Davidson, Scott Miller, Sean Ferrar, Gary Neave, Sean Tait
Race No.6 - Andy Ferrar: Jim Clark, The Davisons, The Morrisons, Tracey Roberts, Sean Ferrar, Paul Yule, Karen Kelman, Bruce Fleming
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