Football Club Fundraising Montrose

Event Date: 22 November

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Caledonia Golf Club, Montrose, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Montrose Youth 2003 football team

Notes: An 8 race event with personalised snail names race names and snail and race sponsors names added, made up on a '12+' age category race night DVD in aid of the football club juniors and with some young ones attending.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Roadrunners Road Rage: Usain Gastrobolt, Shellby GT 500, Brian the Bruiser, Red Devil, Escargot, Stig, Garlic Butter, Hi Ho Slither
Race No.2 - The Mackerr Race: Sluggish, Speedy, Slimedog, Slowcoach, Lightning Mackie, Kerronimo, Zoomy, Zippy
Race No.3 - Hillside Hotel Snailfest: Smokies n wine, Mo Fest, Pyro Technic, Inferno, Bluey, Hiller Boy, Rock n Rolla, Krakow
Race No.4 - Andy Walker Speedy Stakes: Roberto Slimegrass, Derek the Snail, Slippery Stotty, Escargo-go-go, Fluffy, Horace, Shelltic, Slimy Sam
Race No.5 - Dode Moir Stakes: Ketchup King, Slo Farrah, Buchshaw Brian, Kestrel Ken, Banking on it, Sheila's Wheels, Snail it down Sneil, Slide Along Jake
Race No.6 - Brook-fabulous: Liquid Accelerator, S-Car-Go, Speedy Slug, Run Sluggy Run, Insane Bolt, Slow Farah, Kyle Turbo, Martin Boyle
Race No.7 - Premier Stores Snail Sprint: Hail Hail the Snail, Facing the Slug, Cocokazzy, Snailextric, Shellgar, Snails Pace, Snaily-whaly, Superslime
Race No.8 - Sutton Roofing Rumble: Widdy, Jamsie, Bobby, Usain, Gandolph, Flash, Roadrunner, King
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Roadrunners: Malcolm Rose, Lisa Rose, Laura Morley, Margaret McKenzie, Peter Millar, Margaret McKenzie, Tim Roberts, Andrew Sutherland
Race No.2 - Kerr's Coal: Sheila Kerr, Julie Mackie, Helen Mackie, Ian Gordon, Jane Anne Mackie, Alastair Kerr, Cameron Kerr, Leah Kerr
Race No.3 - Hillside Hotel: Steve Low, Neil Southern, Bruce Carnegie, Jamie Murray, Kevin Young, Nomie Braes, Elvis, Kevin Young
Race No.4 - Andy Walker Ltd: Ben Stott, Derek Harvey, Bill Stott, Aileen Harvey, Alison Stott, Betty Walker, Andy Stott, Maureen Stott
Race No.5 - Moir Driveways Ltd: Blair Mckiddie, Dennis Machir, Brian Mckiddie, Ken Mckiddie, Lesley Mckiddie, Sheila Mckiddie, Neil Peters, Jake Mckiddie
Race No.6 - Brookfields: Rachael Duncan, Rachael Duncan, Jane Heron, Jane Heron, Colin Megginson, Colin Megginson, Lesley Phillips, Bob Mcleod
Race No.7 - Premier Stores: Brian Owens, John Millar, Colin Duncan, Lee Scott, Elaine Morrison, Stuart Robertson, Jim Dean, Colin Mckee
Race No.8 - Sutton Roof Maintenance Ltd: Nathan Wood, Ken Dickson, Hayley Cruickshank, Aaron Stoker, Graeme Sutton, Jon McIntosh, Jon McIntosh, Paul McGurk
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