Roach Race Night Nuneaton Warks

Event Date: 17 May

Event Type: Roach Race Night

Venue: Fife Street W.M.C, Nuneaton, Warks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Boro Independent Suppporters Club

Notes: An 8 race roach racing night with the cockroaches named and sponsors and the races too. All made up on a 15 age category race night dvd. Should be a great night with outrageous arthropod capers. Scuttle along if you can.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fife Street Roach Run: Zanti Bender, Jack On The Lash, Cock n' Bear, Pipped At The Post, Sexy Laura, Exorcet Emma, Tricky Nikki, Blackpool Rocking
Race No.2 - The Committe Cockroach Shuffle: TV Superstar Brian, King Kiver, JImbo, Saucy Sue, Othello Wilson, Mad Malc, Ozone Chelsea, Raffle Tickets Jeff
Race No.3 - The Chippy Crawly Cup: Comply Or Pukka Pie, Salt n' Vinegar, Mushy Peas, Donna Kebab, Oh My Jumbo Cod, Chipped Out Buttie, Max's Jumbo Sausage, Veggie Burger
Race No.4 - The EcoliClassic Rental Caper: Fannie Annie, Racing Reece, Marv's Mule, Cunning Carol, Moaning Mel, Speedie Stato, Indian Lesbian, Monty 180
Race No.5 - The Cockroach Chase: Goonigoogoo, Birthday Boy Bod, Fat Friends, Cocker Hoop, Commando, Dancing Queen, Dixie Normous Daz, Has Danny Fell Over
Race No.6 - The Foot Stomp Squash: Kelly's Eye No. 1, Tatters, Bugs Life, La Roach De Cock, Jamie Misses Black, Clarkie's Cock, What's That Smell, Who'd Swallow That ?
Race No.7 - The Pest Control Hurdles: Moody Cow, Sugar, Mel's Training Bra, Winston Churchill, Bridlington Bound, Lively Lisa, Weak Bladder, Rudi Judy
Race No.8 - The Fundeo Roach Finale: Jake The Pake, Jockey Wilson, Silly Sam, Says Kez, Odd Bod, Wee Man Josh, No Chance, Miss Cider n' Black
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Fife Street Working Mens Club: Legless Lauren, Jiggered Jack, Mel From Hell, El President Pip, Ivor Bigcock Kev, Buttercups Mum, Naughty Nikki, Jumping Josh
Race No.2 - Brian Trolley Dolley Picken: Patsy Kensit, Andy Pandy, Jims Full House, Ann Summers, William Shakespeare, Mad Max, Imperial Leather , Dimensia UK
Race No.3 - AKIS FISH BAR: Daz n' Di, Jon Arshad, Stumpy Pete, Paul Adler, Brenda Hudson, Monty, Judes Special Batter, Quorn Queen Mel
Race No.4 - Nuneaton Vehicle Rental NVR: Bod's Beauty, Chris n' Dougie, Marvin, Muppets Mummy, Annadin Extra, Vision Express, Minjeeta, Sid Waddell
Race No.5 - Colin's Coaches: Hairy Mary, Old Barsted, Roly Poly, Colin 'Pornstar' , Paula Coldcheeks, Jason Nopartners, Di Begs To Differ, Pissed Up Last Time
Race No.6 - The Co-Op Pool Team: Kaptain Kelly, 4Q2 Villa Tw*t! (Censored), Simon, Pierre, Arthur Fooksake, Clarkie, Alan Not The Roach, Villa For Europe
Race No.7 - JoJo's Bistro: Suzie Sue, Brian Silverspoon , Max's Puppies, Pete McIver, Chris n' Dougie, Lisa Hayes, Boro Brenda (Barry), Judge Judy
Race No.8 - Coversure Insurance Services : Stumpy Pete, Mony, Sam , Kerry, Ann, Brian, Mike Goldsmith, Jason
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