Club Fundraising Race Night Onchan IOM

Event Date: 8 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: St Georges Club House, Onchan, Isle of Man, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Raise Money for Football Pitch

Notes: An 8 race event with personalised snail names and race names made up in a 15+ age category race night dvd for a fundraising race night raising money for the football pitch. Make it if you can.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Quit and Sh*t (censored): Tequila Tequila, Worrying Vets Sub, Wheres the ball, Goomba, Fat Diags, Internerd, The Lazy Lawyer, Smoke da Reefer
Race No.2 - Running the show: Show me the money, stoke 2 Man united 1, the paparazzi, VAT man, show me the manxie, i'm retiring, i've not got a bird, raging referees
Race No.3 - Dodgy Defenders: Captain kev, sorry i'm working, the 3 toed sloth, luis alberto, grounded again, the man, eternal bachelor, sparky tank
Race No.4 - midfield maestros: the smelly sub, dickies rival, never shoots, ridge racer, hail the bus driver, slim shim, the utility man, boogers babies
Race No.5 - cool cats & the leftovers: beavers barclay beat, bench press baby, aerials and injuries, touch down, horny in hudd, lost car door, manx xavi, wirey winger
Race No.6 - Race for the golden boot: i'm the daddy, silent assassin, beak bugle backonet, the woman washer, captain carling, lycra left foot, the chameleon, road rash
Race No.7 - Race for the sack: tap tap tap them up, duracell daglish, flabby fritzl, o michael van gerwen, apprentice ringham, whens training, CRB not for me, baldy benitez
Race No.8 - Wags: work out knock out, haddocks witch, martins getting it, junior footy window, baby dresser, mystery wag, man of the house, puppetier
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