Football Fundraising Snail Night Shropshire

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Red Lion Pub, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Ellesmere Rangers F.C.

Notes: An 8 snail race event raising funds for the football club with snail names personalised and sponsors names added and with sub-titles for Peedy speech. All made up in a 12 + age group category race night dvd. Should be a fun night at the red lion pub! Update: A great time was had by all 50 who attended the event.

Total Raised: £500

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Leg Over Lil Handicap: Speedy Gonzalez, Fred Run Flintstone, Bugs Torpedo Bunny, Buzz, Lola, Ho Ho Ho, Dynamic Dan, Dave The Rave
Race No.2 - Stans Half price Slug Pellets: Have U Seen Michelle, Hard Hats to be Worn, Fancy a slug, Do U Know Michelle, Slow Coach, Snails Pace, Inkey Spot, Fernando Zoom
Race No.3 - Williams & Davis Slimey Chase: Slow But Sure, Cool Dude, Brookers Boy, Sebastien, Slimey Sid, Crunch, Zaky Mundoe, Tiny Tempo
Race No.4 - Fluid Dynamics Chase: Hillcrest Horror, Celts Cracker, Farmers Fancy, Erik The Viking, Callaway, Neeta, Miss Maddy, Becksdog
Race No.5 - Speedy Sue stakes: Bashful Barry, Slimey Sid, Naisby, Slow Escargot, Doddys Dream, Mad Woman, Cabbage Cruncher, Dark Destroyer
Race No.6 - Sanchi Nomination Stakes: Flash, Newcastle, Brian, Real Diamond, Fredy, Madness, Freda, Gordon
Race No.7 - Mo-Spares Stakes: Super Leeds, The Hallster, Lydy Lou, Whisky Woo, High Ho Silver, Miss Molly, Toothy Toby, Speedy Sparkle
Race No.8 - Red Lion Juicy Stakes: Shrewsbury, Everton, Manchester United, Wrexham, Liverpool, Ellesmere Rangers, Arsenal, Chelsea
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - John Butler: Rosie Perez, Irfan Mukadam, Gabriel Mukadam, John Brayne, Sally Brayne, Marg Edge, Dan Stevens, Dave Dodd
Race No.2 - Stans Superstore: Andrew Faulks, Rob Faulks, Sarah Faulks, Jano, Greg Gee, Karen Jordon, John Brayne, Sally Brayne
Race No.3 - Williams & Davis Ltd: Neil Williams, Pam Williams, Jock Brookes, Sue Williams, John williams, Paul Williams, Alan Williams, Edna Martin
Race No.4 - Border Hydraulics: Marg Edge, Meryl Jones, Lesley Jones, Kim Holtham, John Brayne, Sally Brayne, Marg Dodd, Dave Dodd
Race No.5 - Sue Edwards: Sue Davey, John Brayne, Sally Brayne, Damien Parry, Dave Dodd, Marg Dodd, John Edge, Marg Edge
Race No.6 - Vito Sanchi Jewellers: Signists, J Edwards, Nexgen Computers, Vito Sanchi, Roger Birch, Marg Dodd, John Edwards, Signists
Race No.7 - Mo-Spares: Alan Davis, Jane Davis, Jane Davis, Marg Edge, Mrs D Williams, Joanne Connor, Charlotte Cummings, Jon Cummings
Race No.8 - Mike & Carol - Red Lion: , , , , , , ,
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