Club Fundraising Snail Night Night Wigan

Event Date: 17 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Spring View Community Sports Club, Wigan, Manchester, United Kingdom


Notes: An 8 race snail racing race night made up into a U film category race night dvd with snail names personalised and sponsors names added. Molluscan mayhem should slip down a treat. Get along for a fun night. Update: 80 turned out for an excellent night of fundeo snail racing fun plus £500 was raised as well.

Testimonial: "Everyone had a very enjoyable evening (fundeo snail racing) ideal entertainment for adults and children alike." Mark Gibson

Total Raised: £500

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - THE CAB DASH: Barry Bucket, Elma Fudd, Snail Trail, Super Snail, Oscar, Ginger Ninja, Scotty Hot Rocks, Gringo
Race No.2 - GLOWPOINT GRAND SMASHIONAL: Molly, Little Legs, On the Buses, Mrs Bucket, Kelly, Gokos Coko, TheBaldGinger, Sid Snot
Race No.3 - SNAILELEXTRIX: Boneidle, Bullet, George, Shaun the Snail, Dan the Man, Dolly the Sheep, Billy the Beast, Aguerooooo!
Race No.4 - SISTERS GRIM SNAIL TRAIL: Junior, Ratboy, Big Al, Flying pig, The Mad Bomber, Noon the Loon, Bush Pig, High Voltage
Race No.5 - IN FOR THE LONG RUN: Lexie No. 1, One Legged Woman, Slimey Sloth, Sergio, The Dazzler, Snailed On, Twinkle Toe, Josie Don
Race No.6 - CONTRACT SWEEPSTAKES: Smithy, Precky, Slogan Tomkins, Snacker Jack, Tiggy Winkle, Magic Marg, Clever Clogs, Stuck in Traffic
Race No.7 - ALLISTERS MAIDEN STAKES: Slo Farrah, Sargent Slime, Twinkle Toes, Jack, Mandy, Pip Along, Billy Whizz, Jumping Jack
Race No.8 - KEEP ON RUNNING: Go Shell Go, Terance the 3rd, Norfolk and Good, Cantona, Making Ground, Escargot Bolt, Leroy, Flying Kingo
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Hindley Taxis: Barry Smith, Gwyn Jones, Lesley Lannon, Mandy Rigby, Angela Howarth, Dylan Prescott, Scott Barrie, Alan Grindley
Race No.2 - Owen & Glyn: Chris Wignall, Sharon Jones, Wayne Lannon, Maureen Smith, Kelly Walsh, S McLoughlin, Owen & Glyn, Kenny Heyes
Race No.3 - D J Decoys : Lee Boystead, Dylan Jones, Mark Howarth, Sean Doherty, Daniel Frost, Taff, Billy Prescott, Liam Smith
Race No.4 - Chris Wignall: Ste Needle, Paul Aspinall, Alan Grindley, Tony Val, Barnes Lancaster, Paul Noonan, S Ratchford, Danger
Race No.5 - Gary Wilson: Ste Needle, Paul Prescott, Dave Nestor, Sharon Smith, Gary Wilson, Sketh, Tyrone Cummins, Anita Gibson
Race No.6 - Jake Spencers Dad: Under 14, Paul Prescott, June Davenport, Jack Gibson, Teagan Lancaster, Marg Thornton, Mike Gibson, Open Age
Race No.7 - Hindley Butchers: John Davenport, Adam Prescott, Tyrone Cummins, Chris Wignall, Mandy Nestor, Philip Gibson, Matt Taylor, Keith Johnson
Race No.8 - Bickershaw Garage: Michelle Atherton, Kerwack, Jimmy Lloyd, Ste Smith, Stu Roberts, Ste Walsh, Charlene, Danger
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