Club Fundraising Sale Cheshire

Event Date: 11 May

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Sale Sports Club, Sale, Cheshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Hockey Fundraiser

Notes: Veteran snail racer Sarah Roberts knows how to organise an event and plays our nights to an enthusiastic audience each time. This was a 6 race event with full personalisation with snail names adding sponsors names. It was ordered in a 'U' film categorty for family viewing

Testimonial: "This is the 3rd Fundeo Race Night I have run and every one has been fantastic! Everyone enjoys the nights and it is so easy to run. " Sarah Roberts

Total Raised: £450

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Roberts Romp Home: Les Cargo, Lunch by the Seine, Michelle, Dinky Donk, Cayman Calling, Loufi, Suicide Slim, Rosie
Race No.2 - The LCCC Lollop: Pinch Anne Inch, Jeff, Scruff, Crunch, Lethargy, Le Scargot, Slug, Bozzer
Race No.3 - The UK Athletics Dash: Jelsie, Super Slo Mo, Silver Fox, Sludge, Fred, Scrunch, Freaky Frank, Dopey Dad
Race No.4 - The Manchester Giants Gironimo: Slimey Joe, Helmet Pig, Pablo, Speedy, Pegasus, Flash Harry, L'Escargot 1, Speedy 2
Race No.5 - The JAGG Get Up And Go: Bennett, Stan, L'Escargot 2, Slippery Sid, Dangerous, Pete, Bazturd, Shelley
Race No.6 - The Scarey Sprint: Splat, AGH Yngwie, Colin, Pops, Usain Bolt, Nana, Gary, Womble
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Glyn & Leslay Roberts: Rob & Alex Moore, Nick Buchanan, Family Boon, Beth Millman, Savs, Lou & Fi, Mike Wynne, Lisa Lil
Race No.2 - Lancashire County Cricket Club: Anne Monaghan, Scares, Gill Davies, Hannah Buchanan, Tim Roberts, Lisa Bennett, Caz Gray, Harriet Boswell
Race No.3 - UK Athletics: Lesley Roberts, Mo Kularatne, Sue Laister, Shed & Dannie, Rob & Iz, Lyndon Hessing, Benzi, Mike Wynne
Race No.4 - Manchester Giants Basketball : Robbie Asher, Lisa Wilton, Caz Dunn, Dave & Helen Elcock, Gill Davies, Glyn Roberts, Dave Halkon, Alan Buchanan
Race No.5 - Gary Weatherly: Sarah Rowley, Nic & Scares, Dave Halkon, Mike Wynne, Kiwi Hockey, Kim Chappell, Baz Moran,
Race No.6 - Sarah Roberts: Scares, Howard Briggs, Rob & Iz, Kathy & Phil, Daisy, Estelle Spence, Robbie Asher, Rick Halkon
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