Club Presentation Race Night Banbury

Event Date: 14 June

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Banbury United Youth FC, Banbury, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Banbury United Youth FC Presentation Evening

Notes: Really fantastic effort. Congratulations on getting into the Fundeo race nights 'top race nights list'

Testimonial: "We have held three Fundeo race nights for our end of season football presentation ceremonies. The nights have been a huge success with both children, aged from 3-12, and parents, commenting on how brilliant the race nights were. Thank you very much." Jamie from BUFC.

Total Raised: £5,000

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Fat Boy Slime Derby: Frederick, Thompson, Chopper, Alfie Potter, value, U Bolt, M7, Furious
Race No.2 - Sparky's Snails: 007 James Bond, Potato, Spiers, Rio, Winner, T3, Bolt, Superhoops
Race No.3 - Licensed to Speed: Rooney, Bob E Moore, Bale (The Snail), B6, Mulhall, CP8, Sludge, Cherry
Race No.4 - The Max Derby: Rocky, F15, Slughorn, Barns 1, M10, Frankie, Barns 2, Bale
Race No.5 - The Danny Briggs Chase: Briggs 1, Pudsy, B11, Torres, Garlic, Zoebo, P5, Briggs 2
Race No.6 - Grundon: Arsenal, Manchester United, Banbury United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Nottingham Forest, England
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Southern Gas Networks: Julie, Els, Alex Murphy, James Hermon, Daniel Bailey, Kerry Dwyer, Ciaran, Justin
Race No.2 - JPH Electrical: Tristan Moggridge, Ryan Murphy, Gaynor, Andrew, Mark, Henry, Claire Warren, Ajay Brooker
Race No.3 - United Under 8 Coaches: Chris Murphy, Miles Hook, Rod, Jamie, Sam, Tom, Finpat, Chris
Race No.4 - Max Thompson: Sean, William, Olivia Bailey, Kelly, Josh, Katy, Charlie, Matt Reynolds
Race No.5 - Danny Briggs: Issie, Leema, Matthew, Chris Murphy, Karen Baker, Zoe Herman, Szymon, Abbie
Race No.6 - Grundon: Auction Winner 1, Auction Winner 2, Auction Winner 3, Auction Winner 4, Auction Winner 5, Auction Winner 6, Auction Winner 7, Auction Winner 8
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