Club Roach Race Night Montrose

Event Date: 2 May

Event Type: Roach Racing

Venue: Northern Vaults Bar, Montrose, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Northern Vaults Football team

Notes: This is an 8 race roach racing night in a 15+ age category race night dvd for fundraising entertainment in the Northern Vaults Bar. The show has personalised cockroach names and sponsors names added. Peedy parrot will be running the roach racing show -scuttle along if you can for a great night. Update: 75 people turned out for a fantastic night which raised £1500 for the football team. The Cockroaches went down a storm!

Total Raised: £1,500

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Get Tae F**K: big and bouncy, I want CW, Crutches, give it to me, Crunchy, im coming im coming, Twitchy, wild and wet
Race No.2 - The Retreat Romp: Torry Tink, Mo Mink, Fast Boab, Windy Winker, Little Tinker, Big Cocker Roach, Tuck Box 2, Speedy
Race No.3 - The Torry national: Tuck Box, Windy W*nker (censored), Hottie Tottie, Fordoun Romper, Sloe Gin, Dont Step on Me, Sex Bomb, 3 Ts
Race No.4 - Halliburton Hump: Paddy, Big Sinky, Big D, Roach the C*ck (censored), C*nty B*llocks (censored), Beady Eyes, Wild west, Runnin F*nny (censored)
Race No.5 - Kinnaber Salmon Stakes: Bobby, Jimmy, Snap, Sparkie, Little Bundle, Celiene Dion, Mighty Mike, Sexy Lynn
Race No.6 - Duthie Dumbasses: your F ing blind ref, Mary Hinge, Pat MiGroin, Betty Swallocks, Muff Diver, Dick N Cider, Shitroen, F*ck the Farmers (censored)
Race No.7 - jack Fraser Gardens race: Get it Wide, Doofus Dancer, Shalaynia, Northern Light, 54 Counting, Muscles, to be Honest, Bowen
Race No.8 - Brechin Bounce: NiggaNagg, Galloping Jockitch, Scrot Rot, Maggie May, Gushing Gash, Purple Silks, StrathBoy, Strathesk Rocket
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Taits: Taity, HB, Leah tait, Horny git, Shannon tait, bout to explode, Kim Tait, still slippery
Race No.2 - John Miller aka Batman: John Miller, Ged brannan, Bill Harrison, Ray Baillie, Sharon Munro, John Cairney, Fraser Murray, Dawn Hayman
Race No.3 - Sharon Munro: Fraser Murray, Ray Baillie, Sharon Munro, Tom Robertson, John Cairney, Jack Peckham, Kenny Anderson, John Miller
Race No.4 - Halliburton: Valerie Gordon, Charlie Robbins, Dave Jamieson, Kenny Anderson, Steven French, Kevin Beedie, Frew West, Dave Ritchie
Race No.5 - Kinnaber Fishings: Ryan Walker, Nancy Winder, Ryan Walker, Andy Walker, Kerri Walker, Scott Annat, Mike Burr, Graham Annat
Race No.6 - Alistait Inglis: Greg Inglis, Gareth Strachan, Lyle McDonald, Fergus Haigh, Ross Arbuthnott, Greg Inglis, Alistair Inglis, Colin Inglis
Race No.7 - Mark McDonald: Mark McDonald, Hayley Smith, Billy Smith, Donald More, Greame McNeil, Craig Hamilton, Alan McNeil, Sandra Fraser
Race No.8 - Dave Cameron: Theresa lamb, Peter henderson, Nikki Lamb, May Henderson, Blair Henderson, Aynsley Williamson, Donna Wren, Stuart Wren
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