Community Fundraising Cheltenham Glos

Event Date: 5 October

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Dowty Sports and Social Club Staverton, Cheltenham, Glos, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Tewkesbury Abbey Lighting Appeal

Notes: A 15+ age category snail race night event with personalised snail names and sponsors names added and with each of the races named after the race sponsors. All the names to be called by Peedy parrot in the race night DVD with Peedy acting as compere and hosting the night. Update 53 turned out for a great fun night

Total Raised: £1,126

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Helipebs Control Ltd Handicap: Kurvy Karen, Hill Hopper, Bryan Dragon Slayer, Will o the Wisp, Brain 2nd, Crazy Kev, First Past The Poat, Rusty Dusty
Race No.2 - 4 Satr Relax, Romp or Run: Bungalow Bill, Wotan, Silver Streak, Jumping Judith, Gary, Churchdown Flyer, Triumph I Will, Groovy Greg
Race No.3 - Dream Home Fun Run: African Brian, Sexy Gobbler, Steaming Escargot, The Repairman, Andy Junior, Sweeny, Sidecar Sheila, Spiral Sparky
Race No.4 - A.P.T Shell Slalom: MG Coure, Bryan, Slowy Does It, Little Eva, Paul, Sexy Sarah, Dodgy Dave, Top Dog Trevor
Race No.5 - Price Boat & Sailors Jig: Lightening, Regs Revenge, Go Johnny, Bust a Gut, Hell on Wheels, Harrys Bank, Rocking Ricardo, Mad Max
Race No.6 - Willow Associate Waltz: Fast Fred, Nashville Rocker, Lesgargot Sprinter, Speedy, Barnster, Stanley, Go Go Gonzo, Bright Spark
Race No.7 - Jason & Donna's Gourmet Gallop: Singapore Flyer, KraftyKaren, Nonstop Norah, Villa of Dreams, Abraham Lincoln, Scott on Speed, Wandering Willy, Racy Roy
Race No.8 - Abbey Auction Stakes: Jumping Jacques, Jetting Jay, Mothering Marge, Crazy Kevin, Swinging Sven, Jammy Jimmy, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining Eddie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Helipebs Control Ltd: Mrs K Russell, Eric Hill, Julie Jones, John Lyte, Paul Hill, K Lovegrove, John Jagger, Geoff Dais
Race No.2 - Tewkwsbury Park Hotel: Young & Gilling, Eric Hill, Jacqui Yeomans, J Heymann, Jack Webster, P Russell, T Roberts, G Godfrey-Williams
Race No.3 - The Mortgage Warehouse: Brain Pennell, Neil Smith, David Yeomans, Chris Jones, Andy Pain, John Goldston, Mrs S Mitchell, G Godrey-Willaims
Race No.4 - Applied Polymer Technology: Mrs Goldstein, P Smyth, David Yeomans, E Heymann, Paul Thompson, Mrs Underwood, K Loveridge, T Hartley
Race No.5 - Mr N Price: Chris Baldwin, Reg Nash, Mrs V Poole, Jonathon Bustin, Geoff Davis, Harry West, K Loveridge, T Hartley
Race No.6 - Willow Associates: Ms M Clark, Rob Nash, John Lyte, James O'Keefe, Stu Jones, Jacqui Yeomans, K Loveridge, P Whitall
Race No.7 - The House in the Tree: Mrs M Jones, Mrs K Nash, Mrs N West, Young & Gilling, Joel Deakin, Iain Scott, K Loveridge, R Kirby
Race No.8 - Operative Masons: , , , , , , ,
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