Community Fundraising Northampton

Event Date: 12 October

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Scaldwell Village Hall, Northampton, Northants, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Raising money for firework display

Notes: A community fundraising event for the village fireworks display in Scaldwell village with snail names and snail sponsors names added and race names and race sponsorsa too all made up into a 12+ age category race night DVD with 8 snail races. Update: with an 80-90 turnout and £700 raised Scaldwell village is set to have a superb fireworks display.

Testimonial: "A great fund raiser and a big hit with the children." Martin May

Total Raised: £700

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Silver Streak Stakes: Alfie, Nobbys Slimy Slob, Slime Bomb, No Hope, Wynalot, Bumble, Whale, Flying Scot
Race No.2 - Jeepsta: Ososlow, Cherokee, Chumbawumba, Road Runner, Trigger, Bob, Urrr, Speedy Sammy
Race No.3 - Lovells Sprint: Moany Mum, Nervous Nerys, Carrot Head, Minnie Moo, Maggot, Ticketty Boo, Sydney The Snail, Marley
Race No.4 - Connect Paving Stakes: Brian, Grease Lightening, Harry Snotter, Blob, Pee Wee, Oscar, Nagini, Slithering
Race No.5 - Heating Hurdles: Past It, Nora Batty, Sally, Bingo, Cecil, Cyril, Mildred, Slugger
Race No.6 - BBS Stakes: Sluggish, Sparky, Widge, Sydney Sluggish, Damo, Run Forest Run, Carol Shellby, Jon Boy
Race No.7 - Erection Stakes: Turbo, Princess Conswayla, Slug, On The Move, Boris, Spanner, Slugsy Malone, Basher
Race No.8 - The Scaldwell Sprint: Peters Lane, High Street, Back Lane, Old Road , West End, East End, School Lane, Ashtrack
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Paddocks: The Pullen Family, Rob & Jackie Clarke, Morgan Riseley, Helen Barrick, Wyn Mullen, Bethany Horton, Victoria & Tom, Claire McKinnon
Race No.2 - TCJ Services: Nev, Tom, Ben, Chris, Warren, Jill, CJ, Jane
Race No.3 - Lovell Hardware: Dean & Helen Johnson, Evie Johnson, Laurence Johnson, Marlie Ellaby, Molly Horton, Betsy May, Emma & Steve Dolling, Mollie Mendle
Race No.4 - Dean Johnson: June Keir, Dave Keir, The Spinks, Sally Hickey, Lee Horton, Owen Ellaby, Olly May, Julie Barfoot
Race No.5 - Steve Farmer Plumbing Ltd: Paul Anstice, Jackie Anstice, Jessica Carter, Lucy Carter, Barry Sheldon, Gwen Sheldon, Angie Farmer, Dave Farmer
Race No.6 - Briton Building Services Ltd: Tony Briton, Steve Short, Sally Mead, Lee Lear, Damo, Darren RP, Sammy Jons, Jon Boy
Race No.7 - Rig It Dot Com: The Pullen Family, Elise Riseley, Paul Barrick, Gwen Barrick, Jack Ellaby, Joanna Mason, Pete Barfoot, Hayley May
Race No.8 - The Chairman: , , , , , , ,
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