Cricket Club Fundraising Bristol

Event Date: 17 May

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Long Ashton Cricket Club , Bristol, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cricket Fund raiser

Notes: Cricket club fundraising using an 8 race - race night dvd in a 'U' film category. A great fun night with personalised names and snail sponsors names added

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Evans Judo Jump: Fat Boy Slime, Euan Licked My Shell, Invincible India, Tiggs, Sneaky Speedy Sammy, Cantona, Peter The Snail, Slime Shady
Race No.2 - Rotherham United Uprising: Shay, Tow Mater Snail, James Bond, Professor Z, Francis, Faye, Stan, Lightening Lily
Race No.3 - The Angel Snail Crawl: Snoop Doggy Dog, Geoffrey, Two Speed Wilson, Wookey Slimey, Sting Ray, The Fat Welshman, Mo, Yohan Blake
Race No.4 - The Walkerabout Runabout: Egg, Jonty's Banter, Escargo, Fred, Sky Blue Sam, Hessentaller, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Merv
Race No.5 - The Bedrock Stakes: Crunchy, Wookey Fastmover, Dingbat, Dave, Helix, Lyney Winney, Magic Malcolm, Will I Be Fast
Race No.6 - The Occasionals Handicap: Sidney, Lady Laura, Bert, Shell Biscuit, Hulk Hogan, Donald The Snail, Gizmo, Elmer Fudd
Race No.7 - Don Giovanni's Snailathon: Usain Bolt, The Sleeping Gimp, Sticky Wicky Wonder, Wednesday Pick Up , Highway To Shell, Wookey Trailblazer, Monty, Crows Crawler
Race No.8 - The Burges Salmon Leap: Numbnuts, Escar Don't Go, Euan Licked My Shell, The posh slug, Count Von Count, The Yanley Express, Forsyths Quicker Ball, Muppett
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Phil Evans: Shaun T, Bremski, India, Briggs Family, Shaw Tracey Family, Giggsie, Pete D, Croucher Jones Family
Race No.2 - Neil Wilson: Shay, Gabriel, William C, Xavier, Francis, Faye, Stan, Abigail C
Race No.3 - Sian Powell: Char, Harrison, Ed, Ellie, Croucher Jones Family, Kevin C, Anna, Louis P
Race No.4 - James Walkerdine: Briggs Family, Longie, Saga, James R, Pete C, Giggsie, Croucher Jones Family, Dave B
Race No.5 - Michael Robinson: Tony, Tom W, Billy, Briggs Family, Shaw Tracey Family, Croucher Jones Family, Matt AW, Andy C
Race No.6 - Dave Milne: Storz, Laura C, Jamie B, James W, Dan B, Don, Croucher Jones Family, Mich
Race No.7 - Paul Firetto: Louis P, Joe C, Shaw Tracey Family, Louise C, Croucher Jones Family, Sarah W, Emma B, Crow
Race No.8 - Bremski: Phil E, Saga, Bremski, Jim B, Robert, Jonty, Stefan, Muppett
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